Mirex Consulting

Ruth –

Victim Location 73045

Type of a scam Employment

My wife was contacted by this company through a job search site. They promised 2500.00/mo paid training, and then 3700.00/mo plus commission and bonuses. All she had to do to start was open a bank account and pas them the account information. She did this and let them know. They said the first day after she opened the account that they couldn’t access it. Next day they said they had deposited over 800.00 in the account. Upon checking with the bank, no money had been deposited. Yet they wanted her to withdraw said amount then get further instructions. As of the time I’m typing this, she has been asked several times if she had withdrawn the money. We have already closed the account. This company even has a link to the BBB, however, the url is still the Mirex website. We both missed that the first time.

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