Microsoft Technology Support

Brandon –

Victim Location 93010

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was installing Microsoft Office when I got a pop-up. It gave me choices. Can’t install – not secure (2) software was successfully installed and two others. I called the US number. The guy said he was from Microsoft Technical Support Department. He needed to get into my computer to complete the installation. Since I paid for Office and the pop-up occurred while I was installing their software, I thought it was ok. Then the guy wanted to sale me an antivirus program called Security Solutions, Inc for 519.19. I wrote the check. Scanned it on my phone and tried to email it to Sam Sumit Massey ([email protected] My computer wouldn’t send it giving me time to think. I told this person that I would call him back. I called Microsoft from a number I found on my package. I told them what happened,but was disconnected when I unplugged my computer. The initial person called me back to remind me he controlled my computer.

I called Microsoft again. I asked the lady exactly where she was located – India. My case number given to me by the imposter was valid 1494238623 according to this person, but there was no technical Support named Sam. Then the second man that I lost when I unplugged the computer called me back to help me with the installation of the software. He followed the same format as the imposter. I would not let him control my computer.

Called my bank and they are monitoring my account.

This morning Social Security called to tell me my SS was shut down. I hung up,

Phone numbers

8003051574 ( 35 minutes) incoming call imposter

877-7070004 Microsoft (I called)


877-7070004 Microsoft (I called)




February 6, 2020

Please help

Microsoft needs to move Customer Service back to US

I think every call was from India

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