Microsoft technician

Darryl –

Victim Location 20902

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was looking a book on when the alert message popped up along with a loud sound. It was said that I must call immediately to the Microsoft technician by the number above. So I did, and one Indian person explained me that somebody tried to access to my personal information and I need to install Firewall software for a fee to block it otherwise I won’t be able to use my computer anymore. After that he got a remote access to my computer and showed me by opening some features that my identity is in danger. I saw him downloading Go to opener program on my computer. Finally, he told me that I could avoid these problems by buying Firewall program for 1 year($199), 2 years($299) or 3 years($399). When I told that I need to talk to my husband and could I call him tomorrow he told that I must do it now otherwise I won’t be able to use my computer anymore (even a new one) because American government won’t let me to do it, and my IP address is blocked…. He was too pushy, so I told I was not interested in his service and ended the conversation. After that I deleted the Google Chrome browser and the program that he installed and checked the computer for viruses.

I hope you will take some steps to prevent other users from this kind of scam.

Thank you.

Nicole –

Victim Location 84025

Type of a scam Tech Support

While using the internet on my laptop, a warning message came up saying the computer had a virus and I needed to call the number right away to fix the issue. The computer was frozen and wouldn’t let me exit out of anything. I called them number and a man with an accent answered and said they were a windows technician. They started to guide me through a few things but never telling me exactly what they were doing. Without being aware I gave them full access to my computer. From there they started downloading what looked like antivirus programs. They told me that my computer identity was compromised and that 14 other devices were affected. They told me I was going to have to pay $560 for them to fix all the issues. By then I knew this wasn’t right and tried to regain control of the computer. I shut down the computer sharing program, hung up the phone, and shut down my computer. Luckily I didn’t release any of my credit card info. But I am worried they have access to my email account and some of my passwords that were saved on my computer. I am not sure if they got access to my WiFi network, but if they did they may have more of my personal info such as account numbers, passwords, card numbers, photos, and social media accounts.

Frederick –

Victim Location 92129

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Tech Support

When I turned on my PC desktop on Nov 10, 2017 morning, a message window appeared on my computer screen telling me my computer was invaded by virus. If I log out I would lost my computer files. The message seemed to come from Microsoft system. When I tried to remove the message, the message came back immediately. I could not do work with my computer. I called the phone number 844-787-6908 listed on my screen. A male by the name Wayne Change answered. He said he worked for Microsoft and is a certified technician. His office is at Albany, NY. He took control of my computer and showed me all kinds of information. Mostly to emphasizing my computer is not secured by the Windows security program and would help me to fix my computer. A second male Richard Swaby is also doing part of the talking. Richard said it would cost me $99.99 to repair my computer. It would take about 30 to 45 minutes to do it. Besides talking on the computer, they also ask for personal information.

Richard asked for my credit number and said he cannot accept PayPal payment. After I give the 9946 credit card he came back for the Paypal account payment. I agreed him to charged $99.99 from my account for the service to fix my computer. After about two hours, my computer is still running a problem they started. I called Wayne. And he told me to restart the computer. When I started the computer, the computer would not start. The computer asked for a security code in order to start. Wayne told me to buy an ITUNE gift card from CVS stored for $100 in order to get the code to start my computer. He said he will refund me the $100 later. I refused this.

Later in the evening, Paypal sent me an email telling Richard Swaby billed me another time of $499.99. I told Paypal the $499.99 is unauthorized.

I tried to reach Wayne or Richard by called the same number a few times and no one will answer it. Scammer claimed business is at Albany New York.

It is a scam. Similar scams are documented in Youtube. Just look for something "Microsoft technician scam".

I wish I could have known this before.

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