Micro World Solution (Live Support LLC)

Renee –

Victim Location 96844

Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer received a call from Micro World Solution at 855-326-5711 out of blue offering to assist her. She experienced a remote tech assistance before and signed up for a monitoring program, which worked previously with another company and thought this is the same company, and gave access to her computer and credit card number for payment. She watched the company scan her computer and noticed that when scan was 95% complete, the company representative was purchasing a concert ticket with her credit card number, but did not complete it and started to enter fictitious card number for the same purchase instead. Consumer got scared and terminated online connection. When the company called back trying to complete the scan, consumer asked about the purchase attempt she witnessed, and the company representative explained that they were testing. Consumer did not give access to the company. Instead, consuer contacred local tech company, and was asked if she noticed her screen was blank at any time during the scan, which she did in white color for a few seconds. The local tech company explained that that was a blind to hide what was going on in the screen at that time. Consumer is getting the hardware cleaned by the local tech company. 

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