Michael Lightsey

Bradley –

Victim Location 29677

Total money lost $5,900

Type of a scam Employment

Person or company seek mystery shopper’s. If interested send your name & address, telephone. If chosen, they will send you a cashier’s check. You’re instructed to deposit at your bank account after the bank verified it. Next, you withdrawn funds by that time you are emailed your assignments. The funds includes your fee upfront and to cover all the assignments. Paid well $300 and $50 for gas. Assignments are transfer funds at western union and deposit funds at another bank. Go in department store or restaurants, and spend what you are instructed, and keep it. After all is done emailed them a report on how things went. BASICALLY ROUTING MONEY. Nothing is loss until the bank calls you saying the check was no good. And YOU are held responsible for paying the bank back, even they verified the check.

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