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Sabrina –

Victim Location 46222

Type of a scam Employment

PLEASE BEWARE!!!! I was looking to work from home and came across a Shipping and Receiving job on Indeed. The base pay for one month is 2500 plus bonuses. I was just contacted thru email and some phone calls but mainly emails, She just asked for a copy of my ID and my address thru email and how would I like to receive my pay, which they may give you 3 options. Long story short, they will send out packages to you and have a fake website set up so the job looks real and have you take pictures of package/invoice and send it to the Personal Manager(scammer) thru email. Then once you send the pictures of the package/invoice, the Personal Manager will have you upload a shipping label for either FEDEX or UPS for you to then ship package. The shipping label is in your name which should have been red flag to me, I believe the packages are stolen goods and its mostly electronics. When you have did this for a month, they shut down all communication to them so you won’t get paid. They had me do this for a month and I didn’t get paid! I depended on that money for bills and Christmas and was left empty handed and now trying to get my bills paid. PLEASE BEWARE the pay will be from anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 a month and the job maybe Shipping and Receiving.

Nathan –

Victim Location 87109

Type of a scam Employment

I believed I got scammed into a work from home business. I got an email that came from Career Builder and gave a whole description of the job which was recieving and sending packages, getting their invoices, and taking pictures of the product if the item didn’t had an invoice and send it to the manager. As well as how much my salary would be which is 2,500 dollars monthly along with extra bonuses of 20 and 30 dollars for sending packages within 24 hours. The name of the woman is Mary Wilson. I have been working with this company for at least a month and I have been patient and waited for them to respond to my calls and emails and got no reply back. They didn’t even deposited the money they promised me. This whole week I haven’t gotten a single response or call from my manager Mary Wilson, and she usually responds my emails the same day. Even the website panel I used kept kicking me out, I would put my username and password then press login and it would reload and send me back to the login page. I need help and getting at least my money they promised me and the thing is I still have 3 boxes of items that they have send me. I don’t know what to do with them so I need some help on this situation.

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