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Bonnie –

Victim Location 07661

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Melanie Watson (HR for Meyer Freight Lines) with the following email

Dear ***,

My name is Melanie Watson and I’m writing to express our interest in you as a candidate for our new Project Manager position with Meyer Freight Lines Co. in NJ state.

I’d like to give you more information about the company and the position we are offering. You can also visit our company website for further details:

Meyer Freight Lines Co. is a privately held company, working in logistics field. Company was founded in 2011, our headquarters is currently located in Zurich (Switzerland).

We offer various logistics services, such as transportation via air, sea and land; warehousing and supply chain management.

We have branches in Europe, China, no expanding over U.S.A (2019) and Canada (2020). At this moment there are more than 1500 employees in the company.

INDUSTRY: Logistics & Transportation;

VISION STATEMENT: Best logistics services with best prices to achieve needs of our customers;

MISSION STATEMENT: To increase the efficiency of freight management by introducing innovative, cost-effective logistics solutions;

POSITION: Project Manager (ref. num: 55-32)


• Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects;

• Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility, resource availability and allocation;

• Develop a detailed project plan to track progress;

• Perform risk management to minimize project risks;

• Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.

SALARY (FIXED): $88,000.00 annually (paid bi-weekly);

POSITION: Full-time, Permanent;

BENEFITS: we cover 100% of the Health insurance costs, offer 401K program "50 of the first 6", 15 days paid vacation, sick leave;

WORKING HOURS: 9am-5pm, local time;

TRAINING PROGRAM: paid, $2,400-5,200;

TRAINING PROGRAM DETAILS: a 4 week instruction course, you will receive one new study every day and a test for them each Friday.

You won’t have to pay for anything or involve your personal funds into this. Training won’t take you more than 20 minutes every day, easy to combine with your full time job.

Your Payment depends on results of 4 training tests and the Final test. You will receive guaranteed $2,400 (via paycheck or direct deposit), but it can be $5,200 if you have over

average test scores. You will be invited to come to our New York office for a short introduction course once you pass 4 weeks of training and the final test after that, on 5th week.

This is when you will receive a formal job offer letter. We cover all expenses for travel and a week-long stay.

Please reply with any comment and I’ll send you next steps and application forms to apply for position.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Melanie Watson, Human Resources – (929) 207 2865

57 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A

Meyer Freight Lines (USA) Co., LLC.

I was then asked to sign one document (NDA disclosure) and then I was contacted by the head recruiter Michael Woolcott who was going to walk me through the 1 month of case studies that I would have to read, study, and then be tested on, before I was offered an in person interview as long as I did well on the exams. No money was ever asked of me but in return for the 1 month of case studies, I would be compensated as much as $5,200 for my time. Michael and I had continuous conversations about my progress and it looked as if I would be eligible for the in person interview, week long training, and then a guaranteed letter of employment. As the final study was completed, I was to hear back within a week, and then when I didn’t I reached out multiple times by email to Michael, his assistant, and Melanie (see above) with no avail and then I reached out by Phone wit no success. Their website has since been taken down, and no contact info is listed on the internet. They informed me that they filed for status in 2018 to operate in New York and that they were filing the necessary paperwork with the SEC to eventually go public in 2020. They have lied and falsified documentation and this needs to be handled immediately. They claim to be out of Zurich and on two occasions, someone from their so called HR department in Zurich called me with a funny Non Swiss accent to speak. The number registered as Zurich.

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