Metrus Group Spoof

Lauren –

Victim Location 30047

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via LinkedIn Messenger. The supposed scammer’s name was Steven Ginsburgh. He requested me for a position, and offered $400/wk for 5-7 hours of Virtual Office Assistant Work. I looked this man up on Facebook, and he seemed legitimate. I also researched the company he was advertising, and found that there were several websites for it, and no reports of scamming from them previously. At this point, I assumed this opportunity was legitimate, and I continued to email him a resume (I did not include any personal information because I still was not sure). The next day, I noticed that this individual had blocked me on LinkedIn, and that the email address I tried to send my resume to had been deactivated. I am worried that either Metrus Group is a scam, or Steven Ginsburgh is a scam.

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