Metropolitan Closing

Rebekah –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

A company called Travel Innovations (TI for short) contacted me first by telephone to sell my timeshare. (A complaint has been filed also against them). TI send a proposal and said Metropolitan Closing (MC for short) would contact us with the contract. TI requested we fill out a (now realized as Fake) a Mexican Foreign Investment Registration form. (I have since contacted the Mexican Government to confirm that the form or any payment is not required to sell our Timeshare).

TI did contact me by telephone after I requested a business Licence and personal email address and he stated there was no payment by us required. The next day I received an email from MCs Daniel Anderson requesting we pay $4300 USD to a Mexican Bank account.

I believe both of these companies (scammer websites) should be shut down and State authorities be notified as more people will be scammed if nothing is done.

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