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Tara –

Victim Location 33186

Type of a scam Other

Recently purchased a home. Suspicious person came to my door step this morning, without ringing the doorbell & dropped off a plastic gift box full of "gift cards" from a company called "nuCards". They stuck a "Sorry we missed you" tag to my door, with my name and address written on it & a confirmation code. It states to please call back & has a check marked as "first attempt". The tag says it was delivered by "Metro Delivery". The person dropped off the "gift card box" and then took pictures of my door and front of the house. I looked both "nuCards" & "Metro Delivery" and clearly found many others who state this is a scam and possibly even a casing for future burglary. This is concerning.

Vincent –

Victim Location 63303

Type of a scam Phishing

This company identifies itself as "Nuhomes", aka "nucards", and claims Metro Delivery is just their currier. They are in the business of collecting contact information from unsuspecting persons and providing that information to their clients. All of their clients collectively will use computerized dialing to your phone, send you text messages and e-mail you attempting to gain you as a customer. They do present a disclosure which can be found if you look closely enough, but you most likely will not notice it until after you realize you’ve been tricked. Here’s how it works.

Metro Delivery leaves a note attached to your door. They don’t knock or ring the doorbell because they want you to believe you missed the delivery and they want you to call. They leave a box filled with gift cards that have no value until they are activated. The message on the door reads like this: Sorry we missed you. This Has Been Our 1st Attempt. Please call (a St. Louis telephone number is provided). Please provide your confirmation ID (a hand written ID number is provided). Delivered by Metro Delivery.

From some source they have obtained the name and address of the person who just purchased a home. They rely on the fact that many people will think they missed a delivery and will call the number to either find out more information about what is being delivered or reschedule the delivery. I waited all day for the "2nd Attempt" which never happened and never noticed the discloser in small print located on the back of the notice. I called.

After you dial and answering machine asks you to provide the confirmation ID. After you provide that the machine will read your phone number obtained from the caller ID. Now they have matched the phone number to your name and address and you are not aware that you have just been tricked. They will play some telephone music while you wait for the next available customer service agent. A person gets on the line and identifies the company as Nuhomes. If you say you were attempting to call Metro Delivery about a delivery you missed, they will tell you that Metro Delivery is just their currier and they delivered gift cards worth thousands of dollars. They just need your e-mail address so the cards can be activated. Also you will receive complimentary identity theft protection from a company that will contact you using the e-mail you provide.

While it may not technically illegal because of the disclosures, it is a fraud or scam or trickery in the way they encourage you to believe you are calling about an attempted delivery to your home. I gave them an earful and demanded they delete the information they obtained. It remains to be seen if they did so, or if I will be flooded with phone calls, text messages, and e-mails.

Alyssa –

Victim Location 30127

Type of a scam Phishing

I noticed a sticky note attached to my front door yesterday late afternoon. The note said, "SORRY WE MISSED YOU! This has been our: 1st Attempt. PLEASE CALL Atlanta 770-285-0021. Hours 8am -6pm. Please provide your confirmation ID #. Delivered by Metro Delivery. *See reverse side for important details." I was home all day. My doorbell never rang. No one knocked. I did see a black 4 door sedan in front of my house at one point yesterday and could tell the female was on the cell phone talking to someone while looking at my house. I thought our house was being cased. I’m assuming she is the one who put the sticky note on the door. I researched this type of notice online and read that it is a scam to collect personal information and then sell your information. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER.

Justin –

Victim Location 95610

Type of a scam Phishing

They leave a note on the door instructing you to call a number because they missed you, as if to deliver a package. There is no package, they just want you to call. If you call, they sell your contact information to other businesses. Then those businesses will try to contact you for sales.

I think you should warn people about this scam because most people might try to call the number in order to stop them, only to end up providing them with contact information.

Michael –

Victim Location 65807

Type of a scam Phishing

"Metro Delivery" left me a note saying they tried to leave me a package. After typing in Metro Delivery into Google, found out very quickly that its a scam. They are fishing for information to sell.

Holly –

Victim Location 68198

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I just purchased a new home and received a "Sorry We Missed You!" delivery notification, similar to one a delivery company may stick on your front door, but this was placed inside my home. The notification shows my name and address and says "This has been our 1st attempt." The bottom of the slip shows the company as Metro Delivery and provides numbers for Omaha and Lincoln — Lincoln: 402.316.5392 and Omaha: 402.396.4318. I’m concerned because I was not expecting a delivery and the notice was placed inside my home with a box of gift cards, all around $500 in value. There is no Metro Delivery in Omaha, and after researching this online, it appears to be a national solicitation scam.

Veronica –

Victim Location 84315

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a note from "Metro Delivery" saying they have a delivery for me, second notice, and to call them at a number on the notice. Google has multi posting about this scam where they ask for your email and phone number to sell it. Just happened in ogden area of salt lake yesterday.

Mathew –

Victim Location 92883

Type of a scam Other

I just moved into a new home in Perris, CA and found a note left on my front door song sorry we missed you, this had been our first attempt, and a medium sized gift box with gift cards for specific merchants. I was home at this time and did not hear the door bell ring, so they must have just left this quietly and left. On this note they have left a specific County number to call: Riverside county *** *** with a confirmation ID number. I did not call this number after reading the other complaints on the BBB website about this scam going on in AZ. Please be advised that this is now taking place in S. CA.

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