Metrix Technosystems LLC

Ricardo –

Victim Location 53711

Total money lost $375

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 7/15/2019 I was facing a problem with my e mail on my laptop. I was locked out of my ATT/Yahoo email account so I called at&t to get help. The customer support representative at ATT told me my issue was with Yahoo, not ATT and gave me the following number to address my issue: 844-448-8001. Thinking that I was calling Yahoo, because the number was given to me by ATT, I called the number provided. A male person answered the phone saying "Customer or System Support". I explained that I was locked out of my Yahoo/ATT email account. They provided me with a temporary password for my email and somehow I was now able to log into my Yahoo email account. I also asked him to check the email account of my deceased husband. They told me his email address had been used in Tennessee and internationally. The recommended that I purchase an anti hacking security firewall software package for $374.98. The said ATT would charge more than $500 for this package and they were offering me a deal. I told the I would call them back. After giving serious thought to the issue I called back in 10/15 min and agreed to purchase the software package and they connected me to someone named, Jason Harrison. He explained that he would be installing a firewall on my computer and took control of my laptop. He showed me a list of all of the things this software would protect me from and I watched as I shared my laptop screen with him for almost 3/4 hours while he installed the software. After installing the software, he asked for the payment and initially asked for credit card # but then he said its better to pay from my bank account. So I gave check #,routing # and account #. Mr Harrison also e mailed me an invoice for that amount, see attached. I had asked for an itemized list of all of the things this software was supposed to be protecting me from and he told me to check their website under ‘Products’ but nothing was listed. He claimed that this information would soon be coming because this is all ‘very new’ service they offer. He told me if I had any issues in the future to call him at 888-555-0222 and ask for Ext 1110.

After couple of day while checking my bank statement online I noticed they took $375.98 ( $1 more than quoted price). I tried the 888-555-0222 number but it was invalid, so I tried 844 448 8001 number again and asked for Jason at extn 1110 and told him about a $1 difference . He said that could be billing dept service charge but I’ll request them to send you a new invoice for $375.98. I never ever received new invoice and when I called the number again I am asked to enter my last 4 digit of my own phone number.

I felt this was very suspicious after talking to family members and took my computer to the Apple Store to have it looked over. The suggested this was a Phishing attack and removed this software from my computer. They also removed two other suspicious pieces of Malware. Details from Apple Store below:

Issue: Phishing attempt.

Steps to Reproduce: Customer obtained a support number from AT&T to help with email issues.

Customer followed the instructions due to receiving the support reference from a trusted source.

Observed untrusted software on device installed by third party. Removed that software.

Ran malwarebytes to remove any additional issues (two issues found).

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