meridex systems

Cole –

Victim Location 34759

Type of a scam Employment

Job offered through a job agency to work as Office Assistant in MERIDEX SYSTEMS FOR NATHAN ENGLERT.Once you are contacted by him he told you you are selected among others and sent a letter asking personal information as your complete address, telephone to send you a check for supplies buy. Then you never get in touch through anything , complete JOB SCAM need to be prosecute.

Molly –

Victim Location 34759

Type of a scam Employment

Nathan Englert made an unsolicited job offer as a assistant office manager for a new office in downtown Orlando. Sent an employment confirmation letter and followed up with a phone call. During that phone call, he said Finance would cut me a check for $4,950.00 to start purchasing office supplies for the new location. Gave me a specific date as to when the lease would be signed and work would begin. Never stated the location, or the realty company he was working with and I pressed him for it several times. His only concern was did I get the check yet and when was I going to sign for it. His intentions were for me to get a few supplies, but the bulk of the money was going to be transferred back to him. The check is an obvious fake with incorrect routing number for a local bank that doesn’t exist in this area. If contacted from Nathan Englert of Meridex Systems be cautious of any offers or business conducted

Tony –

Victim Location 33469

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent a letter stating that I was a person of interest for a position of Personal Assistant from my resume with this company. Following day I received a text wanting to call me. I spoke with a HR recruiter who asked me 5 questions. Following day I received a letter offering me the position to start June 25th in their satellite office in downtown Tampa Fl.

Gabriel –

Victim Location 32097

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted after I responded to a job ad and have

been in communication with "Meridex

Systems"([email protected]), Nathan Englert at

289-300-1631 out of Canada via email, phone, and text messages. I cant

find any website or phone number other than what he provided for me. The

website is very generic and the phone number when called, does not have

anyone answering it. No company voicemail either. The address on their

website goes to another company who says that they have heard of this

happening before. Nathan says they are opening an office in the downtown

area but didn’t say of what town or city even when I asked. He called

me for a phone interview (heavy Indian? accent) and asked questions of

which not all were related to the position he was "hiring" for. He told

me it was a toss up between me and a guy and would be in touch soon.

Then came the job offer email, NOT A CALL?, with an attachment stating similar to the info I found here:

(… and

( sending me a check to get office supplies.

I checked out their domain name by using: Meridex System comes up with this.

Registrant: Name: Meridex Systems

Corporation Administrative contact:

Name: Courtney Stone

Postal address: Highland Ave 2429 WINDSOR ON N8X3S8 Canada

Phone: +1.9052468262


Email: [email protected]

Technical contact:

Name: Hostmaster Oneandone

Postal address: 701 Lee Rd. Suite 300 Chesterbrook PA 19087 United States

Phone: +1.8774612631

Fax: +1.6105601501

Email: [email protected]

I called the Courtney Stone number. The guy who answered had no Idea who she was. AND the email used is from a Gmail account.

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