Memo Storage LLC

Todd –

Victim Location 46229

Total money lost $426

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have been charged $35.50 for the past year. It was such a small amount I didn’t notice it coming out of my bank account. I was told that I signed up for service. That I submitted a form. I said that was not possible. I’m very careful with my bank account information. Then I was told that if I do any online shopping then I must’ve signed up that way. I questioned this. The agent told me that if I was shopping online and I clicked on their box that it would automatically sign me up. I online shop a lot, but I use PayPal, so I’m not even entering in my bank account number. There are 2 websites that have my bank account. My mortgage and my power bill. I don’t use my bank account for anything else. Everything is done with my credit card info.

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