Mehta marketing

Diana –

Victim Location 15216

Type of a scam Employment

Dude it’s bad. So basically they market themselves. Here is how they operate I’m thinking about reporting this nonsense. This place feels like it will close in an instant.

Nothing on any of the desks which was all IKEA. Only saw one phone. The main room was a big open room with folding chairs.

I overheard someone say the next batch of interviews.

When I arrived there were 20 30 ppl in the big room mingling then at 1 they all left n were very happy n one guy said nice socks to me. Which normally wouldn’t bother me.

So their scheme is one guy who founded this "branch" he hired a few supervisor managment types. Their job is to recruit job seekers for entry level marketing jobs. The ones who join the "team" are " trained" in a highly aggressive type of sales often using conflict to hold attention. Basically approach hard. Like the "you sir nice socks" these are often naive high school kids" then they go out to basically go to any public event and set up a table and find a way to confront everyone into listening to your pitch 7min sale duration. They have one major client for oil n gas (a barely regulated boom industry). The pitch is save more on your gas by switching to us. Everyone starts out at this level to make sure they "market conscious". Then you go up the chain to become a trainer. The person that teaches said aggressive sales methods to fresh meat from that point they move you up to managment where you keep the whole scheme going and then the manager picks up and goes to a new "untapped market" and start a new branch as a founder.

Do you see the circle if I didn’t know better I’d say they are washing money

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