Nathaniel –

Victim Location 23897

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Paul Price at 360.226.6505 has been calling my dad in Yale, Virginia 23897. In 2016, my dad Verified to Sheriff Deputy in Sussex county he had given 108,000.00 to MegaMillions, LasVegas Megamillions. This information was used by us, as his children, to help him. But my dad is vulnerable and secretative because he said that the won 65 milliondollars on a contest he has never entered and all he has to do is pay taxes and fees and the IRS will not be able to touch what is wired to him. He is living in poverty, self induced, and still hopes for his windfall. The people are very persuasive and do not rest from their contacting him. Dad was first involved in 2012, maybe 2011 and we did not find out until 2016. He said he stopped but we have now found that was not true. At one time where was fear in my dad because they said they would meet him.

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