Medicare Name Spoofing

Joshua –

Victim Location 30064

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Initial call 11/25/17 Sat morning a woman called and said that she was in partnership with Medicare and a independent insurance agency wanted to give a free back brace to anyone with a history of back problems, and she saw that I had. She wanted my height, weight, size of shirt that I wore (sm, md, lg) She needed to verify my address and Medicare number. Then her office would connect with the medicare office and a supervisor would recheck her notes, against theirs.

She called back, I have a recording of her raspy voice, and a phone number. 1-404-609-4884

Then by mistake I have another recording of a males voice speaking in Korean or Chinese, reporting the money he had scammed, the first number was $1200.00 and he giggled when he reported the next number of $5,000.00 That phone number was 1770-428-6959

Then on 11/30/17 I got a call that showed up on my phone screen as Doctors Office, #156-1285-4937 New lady said the hadn’t sent the back brace because there was a wrong number in the info they had, could I get my card and tell her the number again. I asked her to tell me the number she had. The last 2 numbers had been switched, but I told her I couldn’t find my card at that time. She said that she would call back Dec 1st. I will let her know at that time that I know she is a fraud & to STOP CALLING!

On Nov 28th I called the BBB about the initial call, and was given a reference number #90546228 Just wanted to update you with the new info.

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