Medical coverage

Jon –

Victim Location 76182

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

She calls saying I requested information on health coverage. When I first asked when did I do this she hung up. The next time a similar number came through months later as soon as you question anything they hung up again. Today I yelled at them and when I hung up they called back on a different number with a name similar to my sisters. These calls whenever I get a potential scam of any kind always seem to come from Arlington TX

Today’s calls that resulted in ugliness said Rick Stevens. That’s the name that showed up after I looked up the number calling me. For the last two years I will get random calls that have the same first six digits to mine and they change the last four. It always says Arlington and when I don’t answer 98% of them they will just call again but change the last four digits. Blocking may work blocking the number that called me but if these scammers are calling from numbers with the same first 6 digits, how do I stop these? Why do they always show up as Arlington, TX? I now never answer any calls from anyone from Arlington TX. Why can’t the phone companies or the Government help. Blocking my phone number got me no where even if I have a unregistered line. I saw article so I’m heading down this rabbit hole for help.

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