Media Colloctions Inc. DBA Joseph Mann creed

Clayton –

Victim Location 25428

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a letter in the mail from Joseph, Mann & Creed indicating they were asked by Lincoln Financial Group to collect $805.18, there was no additional information regarding the supposed account history. Also mentioned in the letter they claimed I could pay by check to Lincoln Group and mail using the enclosed self addressed envelope which was not included, rather a plain windowed envelope which was a little weird. Obviously I looked at envelope to compare the address to the one I looked up on the internet for Lincoln. I then called Lincoln using the phone number I found on the internet, NOT from what was on the letter and spoke with a Jasmine who searched their company site for any account history and of course found none. I also noticed on letter there was a "Quick Pay" link and access code which flew up a red flag, then again on the back of the letter they asked for EFT via paper check. We have never used the services of Lincoln, they are not in question rather JOSEPH, MANN & CREED…

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