McAfee Name Spoofing

Abby –

Victim Location 30635

Total money lost $420

Type of a scam Tech Support

I paid for multi-device computer virus protection back in June 2019 to McAfee. Now, they have debited the identical charge 4 separate times from 2 of my bank accounts, totaling $420. I have a disease that is terminal, and my husband is blind. The last thing we can afford is nearly $500 disappearing from our bank account. My banker called McAfee and had them refund one of the charged (the other was allegedly "pending"), yet they debited my account again today twice. If a company cannot control billing without fraud, I would NOT trust them. I am purchasing another virus protection for my computer that I alone control. No longer will I have automatic renewal for ANYTHING!!!! If you use McAfee, check your bank accounts and be sure you are not being hacked as well.

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