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Tracy –

Victim Location 75252

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

claiming there is a policy benefit unclaimed of $9820,000 due to any relative of said Alan ***.

( same surname as mine) asking for 10% of money received by this company.

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 78620

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

My company has received multiple faxes similar to this over the past 3-6 months.

Monique –

Victim Location 76201

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

They stated there was an unclaimed life insurance policy held by a deceased client "payable on death" in excess of 9.8 million dollars. Client died 9 years ago and policy is due to expire in a few short months. The "client" has the same last name– but is completely unknown to me. Even so, they stated they had all the documents to substantiate claim as beneficiary– they just wanted 10% to go to charity and the remaining 90% to be "shared between us." Letter was signed by Edward Sapiano. His email is [email protected]

They wanted me to call them to further discuss. I did not contact them. I am not sure if they wanted money to process claim– that is what I suspect.

Maggie –

Victim Location 84115

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Fax only. Seen this type before. This comes out of the blue. We have no relations to anyone they mention. Always state this needs to be acted on immediately. Time is of the essence.

Billy –

Victim Location 53226

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Received a fax about a relative who died. No one came forward for the claim. Efforts to locate relatives unsuccessful.They want to be in partnership with me for the claim of the benefit. They want to add my name to the policy. They want 10% of the money to go to charity, while the remaining 90% is shared between us.

Ross –

Victim Location 18411

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Edward J Sapiano sends a fax to let you know there is an unclaimed permanent life insurance policy on someone with you last name, not even a relative of yours. Unclaimed monetary deposit in the sum of nine million eight hundred and twenty thousand United States dollars ($9,820.000) It’s 100% risk free, 10% goes to charity, and the other 90% you split. Then asks you to email him with a reachable contact number, provides his e-mail addresses and telephone #, the fax number is different than the telephone #.

FYI as to the questions below, I answered no because I did not contact this person and so no money actually was lost, or attempted to be taken.

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