Mascot Cosplay

Eduardo –

Victim Location 30022

Total money lost $437

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We ordered a mascot from the website Mascot Cosplay. The website looked incredibly real, they claimed they were housed in the US, and their well designed site has us tricked. During our purchase, we were "emailing" back and forth with a woman named "Alice." After we submitted our money through PayPal, we realized that the PayPal name was [email protected] Also, in our PayPal confirmation, it stated that we paid "qiao shipping"–nothing with Mascot Cosplay. We received a PayPal email confirmation but NOTHING from Mascot Cosplay. After a few days, I began reaching out for tracking information, we received no response. In the following days, I emailed 4 times and called 3 times. The phone number they have listed on their website rings 4 times and goes to a voicemail. We Googled "Mascot Cosplay Scam" and there are DOZENS of people who have also been scammed by this company. This company takes your money and runs off with it. I cannot believe after so many scams, this company still has a working and running site that tricks people and takes their money.

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