Mary Quinn/David Elvira

Alejandro –

Victim Location 41091

Type of a scam Rental

We attempted to rent an furnished apartment at the Art Foundry Condominiums in Atlanta on a short term lease. My wife found the ad on Craigslist. The guy (David Elvia) was extremely aggressive in getting us to sign the lease and pay. We were told to wire the money for the three months in full plus the security deposit and we would receive a 10% discount. We were supposed to wire the money to a lady named Mary Quinn. Turns out that the apartment advertised did not exist. The COMPLEX is legit, but upon further investigation, the unit that he tried to rent to us was not. David Elvia does not speak English and insisted that we communicate via email. When I pushed him for information, he replied via text, but the number that he texted me from changed from an Atlanta area code to a number from Louisville, KY. The account that he wanted me deposit the money into in the name of Mary Quinn ( Metro Credit Union) was actually located in MA. We were lucky that we did not lose our money, but now we have to start from scratch and find my daughter a new apartment for the summer.

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