Martin from Social Security Office New Jersey

Katie –

Victim Location 07960

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Phishing

I am new to USA.

Got call from 8001041213.

A machine voice said "This call is about suspicious activity on your SSN. Press 1 to know more".

The Mr. Martin introduce himself as officer from Social Security office, New Jersey.

He told me about a raid in Texas where there is property on my SSN which involves in Money Laundry and Drugs.

Told me that there arrest warrant from court of texas against me. He asked me to take notes tell me about bogus Account linked to SSN and tell me that dept will give me a new SSN. My old SSN and all accounts connected to it will freeze. To safeguard my genuine Accounts I need to convert all my liquid money to digital money. he give details like Arrest Warrant nbr, Case nbr , Asset Verification form nbr. he engaged me in talks for 30-40 minutes. He told me to look for police station telephone nbr at google search and tell I will get a call from nbr 9735390777 which was police nbr as per google search. Then he start giving me instructions.

I went to my bank , emptied my account($4000) and the he sent me to apple store ask me to by Apple Store card. He told me he will convert this Apple store card to digital money which would be safe and everything else will be freeze out. he told me that on next day officer from Social security along with police come to my house personally and will give me my new SSN. This all story happened continuously 4 hours on a phone call. He keep telling me to keep my conversation private else it would make me suspicious in that Texas drug case. He haven’t me ask me to send money anywhere till i bought my Apple gift card. Right now i don’t all the conversation but he engaged and isolate me for 3-4 hours of our phone call. The reason why fell for this more because I got a call from nbr 9735390777 which was police nbr as per google search. Once i share the gift cards details with him to safeguard my money someone bought Apple product with InStore purchase physically from Apple Store( at *** ** *** *** *** *** ** ***).

When I report this to Police at *** and *** they told me it a common scam where Apple’s gift card is used to rob the people. I report the issue within 1 hr of this and they haven’t take a quick action to review CCTV footage of apple store where gift cards were used and feels like if they treat this case yet another case. I have suspicion like may be local staff of apple store may be involved in this. May be I feel like this because I loose all of my Money. I don’t know.

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