Mars Hydro

Ruben –

Victim Location 54664

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company provides cheapest LED growlights you can find with what initially appears to be a decent warranty. The warranty is logically flawed if you take the time to read it. The company can send you back a damaged light and then tell you too bad and you’re stuck with it. The way the warranty reads is such: You must determine if the light is damaged before signing. If the light is damaged, and you don’t sign for it, they will replace your light for free. That’s the trick. You cannot determine if there is damage unless you DO sign for it and open the box and check inside. They happen to have a section right after that in the warranty that says if there is minor damage to the product, it’s ok if you sign, they will give you a small refund. REALLY!?! It is real, and I can’t believe I didn’t look more closely at this scam warranty before ordering their product. Hopefully can warn others so they don’t have to get taken advantage of like I was. They aren’t even giving me a refund because they refuse to accept that the damage was caused by them. Anyone ordering a product from this company should be warned that their warranty isn’t real and they can and will damage your product and you’ll just be stuck with it.

My light lasted three months before I had to send it in for repair. They fixed the problem with the LEDs in the light but damaged the housing. They don’t care and they don’t want to help me. They can wiggle out of every aspect of their warranty by simply claiming that nothing is their fault. It looks like they bent the frame out with a screwdriver when they repaired the innards. I marked and circled the damage.

The lost money listed is half the value of the original purchase price of the light. Since I am left with a damaged light, it still holds some value, but not the entire value.

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