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Ashlee –

Victim Location 13681

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email in my college email account offering me a "work study" type of program doing market research. I had to fill out an application for this "job" (which obviously seemed legitimate!) They stated that they would pay me $350.00 per assignment and I would be paid immediately. They kept in contact with me through text messaging stating that my first assignment would be delivered to me via UPS within the next week. Sure enough, I got a letter and a cashier’s check the next week. The check was for $2,975.00 They asked that I deposit the check and wait for funds to be available and then i would need to go to the closest apple store and purchase two $1300.00 gift cards and as soon as I bought them I needed to text another number so their agent could meet me and collect them. I was told to hold on to the remaining money that was left which would be used towards my second assignment. Obviously this sounded to good to be true… I mean, how would they know if I didn’t just cash the check and keep all of the money since it was a cashier’s check? Well all i did was go to the banks website and sure enough they had a warning that there were fraudulent checks in circulation and the "pay from" address was incorrect. The bank website listed the check numbers that were in circulation that were fraudulent and sure enough mine was one of them. Thank goodness I didn’t cash that check! BEWARE!

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