major jackpot

Andre –

Victim Location 58703

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

A person calling himself David Brooks contacted me on 22 Jul 2019 about 6 PM in the evening. I received numerous calls that evening stating the I along with 33 other individuals in ND had won prize checks and mine was 555,000 dollars. He used two different lines of contact one was !701-660-2821 and 1-875-332-0848. He stated that I needed to goto Walmart or the Post office and get a money order for buying a Government approval stamp for 195.00. This is so a person named Anton *** living at *** Steele ND 58482 could authorize the check that was to be mine. The winning package was to be number 95575. David Brooks kept calling my house over 50 or 60 times. When I could not verify if the package was true I decided to let things be a loss if necessary. I did find two Anton *** in Steele but could not make any contact but the ages were 80 and 100. I recieved nothing but did not want to payout the 195.00. I ask how I got picked he said I was older person who kept my bills paid

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