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Paula –

Victim Location 80126

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site advertises Maine [censored] kittens for sale. There are some beautiful kittens between 9 and 11 weeks old, all available for adoption now. Everything sounds legit and in fact the company (mother and daughter) profile was the main reason I decided to purchase a kitten through them. Also I thought the price was reasonable ($580).

First contact was made via the website where I entered my email address. I received a quick reply. After emailing back and forth, asking about a specific kitten’s traits (I even got a birth date when I asked), I told them I was ready to buy. They asked for my address and phone number. I was told that as soon as they received payment they would arrange for the kitten to be delivered to DIA, the airport in Denver where I live. The cost was $89, another reasonable price.

They said they used cashapp, which is a mobile app for transferring money. I got the app and created a user name. I then put in the amount and user ID for the seller ($jeep999). I was asked to enter my debit card number, expiration date and the number on the back of the card. Using a credit card wasn’t an option, which I thought was odd, but was too excited about getting a kitten to think very hard about it. When I clicked the pay button, I was asked for my birth date and social security number. That’s when the alarms started sounding in my head. At some point I was asked to share my contacts, which I thought I declined, but noticed the app had access to them when I looked in systems on my iPad.

I emailed the seller and told them I wasn’t comfortable giving that information and asked if they would use PayPal, which had never asked me for my birth date or SS number. They said that I shouldn’t worry about it, that I was only being asked for that because I had just created an account, to see if I was “real” and that I should just give them the info. They also said they didn’t use PayPal.

I did a quick search of the website online and found several similar websites that were scams. I don’t remember if this was one of them. I then searched for cashapp hoax and found lots of hits. Cashapp is legit, but apparently scammers hack into it to extort money and to gather info for phishing.

I asked for papers and additional pictures of the kitten I was interested in, just to see what they were capable of and received three more pics and even a video. They declined to send papers and said that if I was not comfortable with the payment method, I could decline the offer.

Anyway, I’m sure now that the website is a scam. It plays on the emotions and excitement of people searching for a pet. I thought I was pretty savvy about stuff like this, but I was almost a victim. I called my bank and had my debit card disabled and changed the user name and password for my checking account. I also had cashapp delete my user name and removed it from my iPad.

Note: this exact website is duplicated under

Bryan –

Victim Location 11358

Total money lost $333.33

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In the beginning, they all sound like a legitimate breeder who cares about kittens. When they ask you to make a payment, they will have two options; Full payment or a deposit. They will ask you if you can venmo or cashapp. Thankfully I did PayPal invoice and I had buyer protection so I got my money back. Once you send them money, they will not reply to you at all and you will never ever hear from them again. They just take your money and go. They will send you pics of the kitten and tell you about the process and everything. BUT DO NOT FALL FOR IT. IT IS ALL LIES AND FAKE. IT IS A TOTAL SCAM. THEY WILL TAKE WHATEVER YOU GIVE THEM AND GIVE YOU SOME ** REASON AND LEAVE YOU!

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