Magazines For Troops

Lauren –

Victim Location 80202

Type of a scam Charity

Man, claiming to be a veteran, now working on a degree, told me of a competition where votes for him are based on # of magazine subscriptions he sells for "magazines for troops". When I asked how to pay him he said "cash"…red flag

Eric –

Victim Location 73505

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Ol boy walks up to me in walmart and first thing he asks me is if I’m Military and tries selling me on some door to door magazines for troops. He makes small talk and shows me a Xeroxed Florida license and a brings out a piece of paper with some magazines on it. All the while making small talk. The purpose of his offer is to sell magazines to what he claims is VA hospitals and he dont want no credit card info only cash once it’s all said and done he doubles the amount and explains it to where it makes sense.

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