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Tyrone –

Victim Location 75219

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by Christie Anderson with this company for a job position as a Senior Buyer. She sent me an application that looked like it came from Microsoft Word with floral print on it. Though it looked unprofessional, I proceeded to fill it out because the job promised a salary of $86,400.00. After submitting the application, I received a phone call from Christie days later for a phone interview. "Christie" sounds Asian with very bad broken English. The phone interview was very short. She asked me what I did at my current employer and when would I be available to start. I told her, asap if I could work remotely. She told me I sounded like the perfect person for the job and I would hear back from her Monday. That following Wednesday, I got an email stating I "passed" and they want to work with me. Christie sent a lengthy email stating my job description and sent me an employment agreement to sign. This looked like it was downloaded off the internet and stated it was governed by "Missouri Law" even though the company is based in Mississippi which was another red flag but I proceeded to go with it. The next day, I received new hire documents from Christie to fill out and return which included, W-4, I-9, and a Direct Deposit form. I filled out everything also sending copies of my social and ID. The next day I received an email from Christie asking for my credit report. This is when I became alarmed. I almost sent her a copy then she emailed me again asking for my credit karma login and password. I tried to call her and the phone immediately went to voicemail. I looked up the number and it states it’s a voip number like google voice and the business address is an apartment complex. Then I realized I never applied to this company so I’m not sure how they got my email address. I let Christie know what I had found and she replied, she got my resume off indeed which was a lie. I didn’t apply for any jobs on indeed. Yesterday, Christie sent me the same email she sent two weeks ago letting me know I got the job. This is a scam to steal people’s identity with voluntarily info we provide thinking it’s for a employment.

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