Johnson’s Gadgets

Deanna – Jan 15, 2021

On 12/04/2020 I placed an order with Johnson gadgets still have not received products yet.If I can’t get the products I would like my money back .$45.97

Katelyn – Dec 09, 2020

I ordered the spray cleaner that was advertised on Social Media. After two months I finally received the cleaner and it does not work as it is shown in the video. There are ingredients listed on the bottle or directions. This is a total hoax. No one should buy any of their products. Don’t waste your time and money.

Alicia – Dec 03, 2020

For anyone who used a bank debit card to make a purchase for product they have not received you maybe able to recover from your bank. Normally you will first need to file a fraud or thieft claim with your bank (go to bank website for info re: how to file a claim for thieft or fraud). The bank will then investigate your claim (make sure to provde copies of all communications both to and from Johnson’s Gadgets including the order confirmation). When your claim is verified, the funds will be credited back to your bank account and the bank will pursue reimbursment from Johnson’s Gadgets. And thank you for your post … I was just about to purchase the product. Just courious … does anyone know if the product works?

Carlos – Nov 11, 2020

DO NOT BUY from this company! Worse company I’ve had the misfortune to deal with. I ordered the all purpose Bubble Cleaner for 25.98 in late July, The company charged my account immediately. Since I had not received the order by the end of August, I emailed to require about it. I received a response stating that my order had been lost and I was offered a 20% refund plus 30% discount on future purchase OR 50% discount on future purchase. I responded with my choice, but did not receive the order or the refund. I followed up again with multiple emails and they responded that the order was shipped. I emailed again in the beginning of October asking for a full refund and they replied that a refund was not possible because the order was shipped. I emailed again and I threatened to report them to the BBB and my state’s Attorney General’s office and I finally received the order in early November. I received the bottle without the spray attachment, and without a label listing the directions or the product information. I also never received the 20% discount or the 30% discount on a future purchase. I will NEVER buy anything from this company again!

David – Nov 06, 2020

This is definitely a scam! I placed an order Sept. 1, they debited my account, never shipped,and continuously responded to my inquiries saying “don’t worry”,

I can only hope someone can stop them…

Jill – Nov 03, 2020

Hello, I ordered cleaning products on September 8, 2020. Here it’s November 3, and I am still waiting on my order. I had emailed them several times for them to say, the order was lost, the tracking number is not working, etc. I am like others who work hard for their money and can’t trust a website to deliver. I want my refund just like the others. I don’t think it’s right or fair for companies like this one just take your money and get away with it. Someone needs to do something about this problem.

Suzanne – Nov 02, 2020

I ordered my cleaning spray months ago. Never received it. They give me the run around when inquiring about it. I realize now that it was a scam and I want them reported and my money back. Next I will contact Facebook for having crooks on there while playing the games the add will pop up. It was on there for a while too. Wonder if anyone actually received any thing from them?

Angela – Oct 27, 2020

I bought a cleaning product in June 2020 and still have not received it. All they keep saying it will be shipped. I want a refund, but still they refuse and keep telling me it is on it way.

Adriana – Oct 26, 2020

I ordered a cleaning product from here., over two months ago. They have taken the money from my account, but I have never received the product. I have contacted them a couple of times to no avail. Please help me get the product or my money back. Thank you.
Renee Scott
5609 Warrington Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa. 19143
[email protected]

Janet – Oct 21, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

On Sept. 17th I ordered all purpose rinse free cleaner. It is now Oct.26th and I have not gotten the product. I have called the company phone number but no real person to talk to, This is a scam company. Don’t ever buy from them,

Katelyn – Oct 16, 2020

I ordered what was labeled “Bubble Soap” – that was it. No instructions, cautionary – nothing. My bank account was charged $23.99 on January 23, 2020, for the Bubble Soap that I did not receive until MONTHS later — and it was from CHINA. The product did NOT work, and I am NOT sending it back; I got rid of it. I asked Johnson’s to credit my account for $23.99 for the product and have been going back and forth for weeks to no avail.

Their web site states that: We make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT! I told them the product did NOT work; it is NO GOOD. I do NOT want a store credit because I NEVER WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. I have ZERO percent satisfaction with the product and their business. What a rip-off! They need to be investigated and shut-down.

Antonio – Oct 13, 2020

I ordered so long ago, I can’t remember when. I received it today, October 13, 2020. Suspicious packaging, no ingredient label, no usage information. After reading the posts above, I’m not sure I want to use it. Definitely not what I was expecting.

Gerald – Nov 03, 2020

Exact same thing for me. I ordered it months ago and finally received it what’s no instructions no kind of professional labeling to say the ingredients or anything. I haven’t tried to use it yet I thought maybe I could go on their website and it would tell me more information. But after reading all these posts I really wish I would have seen this before I ordered it. Because I would have thought twice

Mary – Oct 03, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 2130 E Del Amo Blvd Compton CA 90220

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

Ordered kitchen cleaner in February. Just received it today, October 2nd, 2020. There is NO ingredient label, NO MSDS, and shipped in non compliant packaging for hazmat! I have no idea what’s in this stuff. I’m going to report it to the post office and EPA.

Sabrina – Oct 02, 2020

3 months later and no product or refund. 46 emails and nothing. Poor customer service is an understatement. Definitely a scam

Danny – Sep 25, 2020

Ordered 2 of the all purpose rinse free cleaner sprays in June 17,2020 and still have not recived it
Order number 129711

Samantha – Oct 15, 2020

This company is a TOTAL scam. I keep getting the same exact message everytime i complain.I made a purchase in July. Still nothing.

Andre – Sep 22, 2020

Ordered in September still no answer

Kathleen – Sep 20, 2020

You ask for the information. A whole lot of people have responded. Why do you want these complaints if you are not going to do anything about it.?

Joel – Sep 20, 2020

I placed an order on May 18th 2020. It is now September 19th and I still do not have anything. All I get is a form letter stating my order was lost due to a shipping mishap. Then they want my order number to make sure I ordered from them. I am through playing games and have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Doesn’t look like the are going to do their job either. What does it take to make these people do what is right. They should be shut completely down.

Carly – Sep 19, 2020

Ordered no rinse cleaning spray on July 5th 2020. When contacted a month later was told it was lost in transit. I was told it was sent again, got the same response. Lost in transit. Now I just get automated emails saying nothing but crap excuses.

Colin – Sep 18, 2020

Huge scam! Ordered product 9 months ago – my account was charged – never received product. Sent multiple emails. Received 1 response offering 20% refund plus 30% discount on future purchase OR 50% discount on future purchase. I responded with my choice, followed up with multiple emails and no response. Johnson’s Gadgets are thiefs! This must be illegal – there should be some way to shut them down.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 07663

Total money lost $25.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered their cleaning product on December 29, 2019. My account was charged almost immediately. I realized a few months later that I never received the product. I sent multiple emails and finally received a response on August 9, 2020 which indicated that they had some issues with their support’s email address but was not back on track. They offered either 1) a 20% refund plus a 30% discount on a future purchase, OR 2) a 50 % discount on a future purchase. I immediately responded, choosing number 1. I still have not received the product nor the 20% refund. I have sent follow-up emails and nothing. I now see on other scam-reporting websites that everyone is experiencing the exact same scenario with this business. They have basically stolen everyone’s money.

Tony –



Manuel –

All-Purpose Rinse-Free Cleaning Spray
1 $59.99 Scroll for more items
Cost summary
Description Price
Subtotal $59.99
Discount 5WELCOME – $2.99
$2.99 off total order price
Shipping $5.99
Total USD $62.99

I ordered this on June 27th. On Aug 6th, I started emailing Johnson Gadgets and told them that I had heard nothing from them, and to cancel my order. I have received 4 emails (generic form emails) saying my order was lost and as soon as they had tracking, they would send it to me. I have sent over 5 emails responding to them that I would not accept product, and I wanted an immediate refund on my PP account. I still have had no response, and the charges are still on my account.

Marc –

I ordered Rinse free cleaner in March 2020, paid 45.97 for two bottles, did not receive it. I sent emails, (several emails) inquiring about my order and the company send me emails stating they need my order number, the email I used to purchased the items and my name. I sent pictures of the order, the order number but still to no avail. The company sends the same email to me. I had to report them to Pay Pal. This company is a scam. They also sent me a email stating they will give me a 20% discount on my order and a 30% on my next order.

Jermaine –

I to am a victim of Johnson Gadgets. It cost me$68 , with no refund in site . I paid through PayPal and have yet to get in contact with them to get a refund. I received all the same emails you all received. Has been two months ago cense I ordered the rinse free cleaner. This company is a SCAMMER and needs to be avoided, and reported to the BBB. I ordered the rinse free cleaner two months ago. Going to get PayPal involved tomorrow and my bank to try to get a refund. My name is James Evans and concerned about this fraudulent company.

Kristopher –

I think they’re in China because the products are on eBay and it lists it as China and/or Taiwan. I never buy anything from China. Watch for this on Amazon, too. At least eBay will tell you where it’s shipping from before you buy.

Paul –

I wish I knew this before, I ordered the same thing in may and here it is August…Still ain’t got sht

Courtney –

I did not receive my order…

Theodore –

I didn’t receive my product…someone need to reach out to me or refund my money back…you can email me at [email protected] order the kitchen cleanser degreaser…why do you have a phone number that no one every answer?

Ronnie –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered the all purpose rinse free cleaning spray on April 27th and it’s now August 13 and still no spray. I’ve sent at least 4 emails throughout these months and no response. The phone number they have is only a recording saying there busy and to email them. This is a terrible company and they need to stop ripping people off! Had to file a claim with my bank to get my money back!

Alana –

Like many others. Ordered rinse free cleaner, through an ad on Facebook. Have reported scam to Facebook, doubt that they will do anything, but I did have better luck with PayPal.
Ordered on June 13, contacted them on July 6 with inquiry about shipping. Received same response as many state above “…lost in shipping…” I smelled a rat and opened dispute with PayPal. Johnson’s Gadgets did contact me and offered a 20% discount on this order and 30% off coupon for a next order. Although I wanted money back, I accepted their offer. That is when their communication ended. I added this to the information in the dispute center on July 9. Had no confirmation that anything was happening. PayPal emailed a notice that the case would be closed on July 22 if I did nothing more. Having heard nothing on July 21 I escalated claim with PayPal requesting full refund. As of August 11, PayPal has decided in my favor and are refunding my purchase price. the refund is showing in my account activity, but may be up to 5 days before the funds are actually available.

The website listed on the PayPal invoice goes to Johnson Essentials web page that sells “exotic lingerie”.

Emmanuel –

Total scam. Ordered Rinse Free Cleaning Spray on April 10, 2020 and never received it. Sent emails in May and June inquiring about shipment. They said the product was shipped from overseas but because of COVID19 US Customs was delayed. On July 17th I was sent a very small bottle on Bubble Cleaner with a note that said it was a “thank you” gift. PayPal rejected claim because they forwarded them a shipment notice that was for the supposed gift. Need to take scammers like this out of business.

Wendy –

same here and it came in the mail today hopefully yours will too have not used it yet but I was told it was on back order due to so many were bought.

Evan –

Dam right the same thing happened to me its ridiculous seriously. I just want my money back.

Erin –

On June 7 2020, I ordered the All-Purpose Rinse Free Cleaning Spray, they charged my card 25.98. That was for the purchase and the shipping cost. Recieved a message on July 7 2020, that they we’re getting my order ready to be shipped, and would notify me when it has been sent. July 20 202, I sent this message… Hi, I was wondering whether there is an update on my purchase? It’s been since the 7th, still haven’t gotten any kind of update, could you please look into this? July 21 2020, I recieved this message from them…
We’re sorry that you have not received any update from us with regards to your order. We had some issues with our support’s email address but is now back on track.

Upon checking, it appears that your order was lost during the shipping process as there is no movement on its tracking We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and delay.

We would like to make it up to you so we can offer you 2 options where we will still resend your order for both options.

1. 20% refund on your current order + 30 % discount code on your next purchase
2. 50% discount code on your next purchase

Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. So, I figured, ok so there had been a problem and they would fix it. I said, well not that happy to hear about this. I appreciate your offer, I will take the 20% refund, please. How and when will I expect to see the refund? How much longer will I have to wait on this purchase? Thank you, Have not heard a single word back from them, and it’s now July 31 2020. I’ve also checked my card, and there is no refund of the 20%… I advise everyone to stay away from this so called buisness

Wayne –

Placed my order in March for all purpose kitchen cleaner. I have had the same experience as many others. No response to emails and PayPal will do nothing. I finally received a tiny bottle of something called bubble cleaner. No instructions or information about this product. What a complete scam.

Monique –

I ordered the same product and received the same results as you received. This is terrible customer service.

Geoffrey –

I ordered degreaser also beginning of Apr..After several e mails and phone calls and never receiving even an automated replyI rec’d today a bottle(not worth 27.00) of Bubble cleaner and the return address is Asian…I have turned this over to Paypal as it is not what I ordered..Learned my lesson..DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THEM YOU WILL BE SORRY!

Dominique –

NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SO CALLED COMPANY! I placed my order for the cleaner back in May and have NOT received it yet. They keep sending me automated emails stating they are getting my order ready for shipment and will send me a tracking number- ALL LIES! When I ask for them to refund my money they ignore my request by sending me the same automated email. They take your money and don’t send you what you pay for. They don’t even have a phone number to call. I will NEVER order anything on line without thoroughly checking out the company first.

Yolanda –

Did not receive the product I’m very unhappy when I call number it said can’t come to the phone right now this is bull s and would like to have my money back

Douglas –

I ordered product the beginning of June it’s been over a month still haven’t received my product contacted them they said my order was lost in the shipping process and they would still send it my order and give a 20% refund. I said NO I wasn’t a full refund and they stopped communicating, they kept sending me a automated email that said the same thing over and over and no one ever answers the number they have listed. I will never use this company again and I’m still fighting to get my money back.

Derrick –

Same has happened to me. Ordered in June! Cannot get a reply or speak with a live person!

Gregory –

Thank you for the heads up. I never order anything till I read customer reviews.

Keith –

I ordered the degeaser from Johnson Gadgets in April I still have yet to receive it. I sent several emails and tried calling but no answer on either. Judging by the reviews these people are crooks. Don’t buy anything from these people!

Hector –

I ordered the rinseless cleaner in June. Paid with PayPal. They deny any knowledge of my order. They say I must have ordered from another company (even though they were paid. Refuse to refund my money and PayPal won’t get me a refund until sometime in August. PayPal insists I have to try to resolve issue with Johnson’s Gadgets. I have tried to resolve this but how do you deal with a company that takes your money and claims you never ordered from them and never paid them.

Monica –

I had the same trouble! Ordered the degreaser in April and its almost August now! I have tried calling but they don’t answer the phone and when you try emailing them they don’t return your email!

Melinda –

I purchase the Bubble Cleaner. I finally received this product after several complaints to PayPal and five months of waiting. Upon receipt of this item it was a 4 ounce bottle, very small compared to the advertisement ad. Very disappointed in how this product worked simply it did not. I would not recommend this product or Johnson gadgets. In short I paid $25 including shipping waiting five months for an item that did not work. Finally I did request a refund several times with no response. They guarantee full reimbursement if not completely satisfied which again is false advertisement buyer beware!

Eric –

My name rs Blanca Gonzalez I live In 536 Monroe Ave Elizabeth NJ I buy from you company a spray cleaning that is suposse to be so good and thet never send the spray and charge me double and I pay with Paypal and my bank now I need my money back I dont want the spray anymore and I need my moner before I report you .I buy the item in aPRIL Thank you, need to hear soon about the problem.

Nancy –

Yup me to i order on June 2 and still haven’t got my package still waiting on it to arrive

Jake –

I ordered 2 bottles of their cleaning spray. They have my money but I haven’t seen the product yet.

Russell –

I ordered 1 bottle. Paid $25.99 through PayPal. They deny ever getting the order and told me I probably ordered from a different company. They were paid by PayPal. The payment went to them.

Spencer –

I ordered on March 30th. I emailed on July 1st and got a response 2 days later. My package arrived July 5th. No invoice. No directions. No ingredients list. Nothing. Looks like a bottle of bubbles I would buy at the Dollar Tree! Total waste of money!

Margaret –

I guess im like countless others , i too ordered and have not recieved the product, yet i still continue to see the advertisement which makes me very angry. Can we report this to theBBB something should be done about this

Robin –

Victim Location 15120

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased what’s called a bubble cleaner in May. It is now July and still I have not received my purchase. So I sent the company an email, informing them of this and asked for a refund at which time the replied back with only two options:  1.) A 20% refund and 30% discount or 2.) A 50% discount on my next purchase. I then replied back that I was not interested and that I just wanted a refund and their response was the same email they sent before. I read reviews and not to my surprise, more than several people are still waiting for their purchase and some have been waiting for more than 3 months. I feel this company is scamming people out of there money and should be investigated. Thank You

Chelsea –

I ordered mine April 8, to Mesa AZ it was received July 14, i have not yet tried the product , but like others have said price related to size seems ridiculous and No ingredients Label. Also they made it appear as if the order had been placed and shipped same-day, (not) money was definitely debited from my account the same day. I have a customer service number but no one apparently answers it. Unless I see a miracle product when I try it I get this👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Regina –

I, too, didn’t receive a product I ordered but was charged for. However, I sent an email to [email protected] and received a response within 2 days. “We’re sorry that you have not received any update from us with regards to your order. We had some issues with our support’s email address but is now back on track.Upon checking, it appears that your order was lost during the shipping process as there is no movement on its tracking We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and delay.”

Let’s see if the cleaner follows.

Jon –

I got the exact same email. Then they sent email stating that I must have ordered from another company as they never received an order nor payment from me. PayPal no help in getting my money returned.

Regina –

Ordered awhile ago and money was taken. Order #118828 Cannot get a reply to any emails sent. Seems I’m not the only one

Jack –


Kelsey –

You wanna know something? I’m currently going thru the same thing now. My mother wanted this stuff so I ordered it for her. Its been 4 wks and nothing has changed nor have I received the product. I’ve requested thru the company to cancel the order and gt the same response, twice. I’ve now contacted Paypal and started an investigation to get my money back. My next move is to contact my bank, Navy Federal. At least then I now that I’ll get my money back from them and they’ll investigate whatever they need to with the company directly. At this point I just want to be made whole.

Naomi –

Wow! So i was about to purchase the product through fb but got sidetracked and closed out never put in my credit card info just my name address and email weird part is i got an email about the product which was weird because i never completed the transaction. Then the next morning got a text message on my phone about the product. My info was still stored in the transaction page. I changed it and opted to stop emails. BeWare ! Definitely a scam!

Olivia –

I ordered the All-purpose Rinse Free Cleaning Spray on March 31, 2020. Just received it today after multiple emails, and delays. They sent (cleaning “Bubble Mix”) with no directions in a SMALL BOTTLE it did not even contain a list of ingredients, or directions for use. Total rip off for $19.99! Do not buys from these scammers!

Armando –

I’m So grateful for these reviews! I did not order nor will I. I ordered a quilt from China (unknowingly) April 5 and still haven’t received it (June 17). PayPal is screwing ,e around, investigating and keep moving the resolution date. We went right to Discover card, they’re handling it. NO MORE CHINA CRAP!

Chad –

I wish with all my heart I would have checked these people out before ordering. I ordered the cleaning spray April 13. My first email to them they said their email had been down and it was just back up. Really, it took them weeks to get email restored? Come on now. They offered me 20% refund and a 30% discount on my next order and my product or 50% off my next order and my product. I chose the 1st because I have no desire to order from these people again. My refund was supposed to be there by the 12th–needless to say, no refund and no product. I have filed a claim with paypal and am trying to work to get my product or refund. They sent me another email saying my product should be delivered by my carrier. Never received, asked for tracking number. No tracking number because it has not shipped yet. I just now sent another email informing them if my product and my refund were not received by the 24th and I am escalating my case with paypal. I am tired of dealing with these people. They should have already been shut down. Do not order from them please.

Rachel –

Oh my! I thought I was the only one who is having trouble with Johnson’s Gadgets. I ordered the foaming, no rinse cleaner on April 27, 2020. It never arrived.

I sent an email to the company on June 3, 2020, more than a month later, making an inquiry regarding my order. I was sent a tracking number that I could not use as a trace. It is now June 17, 2020. I sent another email today to Johnson’s Gadgets and got a reply that my product was still en route. The tracking information sent to me did not make sense.

I paid by PayPal. I’m going to make a report tomorrow with them. So I will get my refund. But I am very concerned for people who are ordering products from Johnson’s Gadgets in good faith, only to be scammed like this. I never received the product. Based on what I read on this site, if I do receive it, I don’t think it’s going to be anything that I want.

In the meantime, I found a product on Amazon that seemed similar. It’s called Krud Kutter. It was a bit pricey (as is Johnson’s Gadgets’ product). Krud Kutter arrived a day or two later. It works well. My stove top had some very old, caked on grease. Most of the guck came off with a few applications. So there are products available on the market that work. I purchased my range in 2005. So it has a few years under his belt. It’s not perfect, but it looks a lot better than it did before I used the Krud Kutter.

As for Johnson’s Gadgets, let’s hope this scam artist gets shut down soon. I will never understand why people do these kinds of things. It’s just so mean spirited.

Antonio –

I paid with PayPal and they have not been willing to obtain a refund for me. I told PayPal about how many times I contacted this company and that the company denies ever receiving my order and payment. I am very upset with PayPals refusal to get refund of my payment from this scam company.

Jill –

In march I purchased a cleaning product for $27.99 and never received the product

Autumn –

I received my cleaning “Bubble Mix” with no directions in a SMALL BOTTLE it did not even contain a list of ingredients and what to do if accidentally ingested or customer service numbers from China.

Luke –

Received my order on Saturday, bottle was open and not filled to the top, no instructions on what it was or how to use, no ingredients listed. It took so long to get here, that I almost forgot that I had ordered it. will never order from this company again.

Clayton –

Don’t trust Johnson’s Gafgets!

Originally ordered 3 bottle ($59.97 USD), of their All-purpose Rinse Free Cleaning Spray, on 1 Feb 2020. Today is 5 June 2020, as of yet haven’t received my product. The email I got stated I would be contacted when it shipped and it’s ETA. I was give a postal TRACKER, # LW594736149CN. I’ve contacted them by email, 4 times, each time the reply with the apology and I should receive it in 2 weeks. Again, the same postal tracking number. When I check the tracking number it states it being prepared to ship. Their excuse, COVID19.

I’ve received mail from all over the world and haven’t gotten the round around like these people. I’ve received all my packages and letters, except for Johnson’s GADGETS.

IVE REQUESTED MY MONEY BACK…all I got was the same email template and tracking number.

Arthur –

Also go NEXT to nothing for my $41 spent Learning to never trust Facebook for anything. What took me so long to figure this out Johnsons gadget is a scam !

Allison –

I ordered on March 17, 2020 order number 106556 , $45.97. My charge card was charged, but no product. I would like a full refund for this transaction.

Taylor –

You may have to file a claim with your charge card.

Zachary –

I ordered also. Total rip off. Do not buy! Very small bottle that I think contained water. No foam. No smell. Not a cleaner. Take this add off ! Cost to much to return it. The worst $20.00 I have ever spent.

Kelli –

This is a total rip off. I ordered the all-purpose spray, it took months to arrive from China, and it is basically water. No bubbles, no degreaser, no anything. I spent way too much for what I could just get out of my tap. I emailed them with a complaint and received no response. Apparently I am not alone!

Michael –

I too ordered spray cleaner Jan 2, 2020, product arrived beginning of April, a tiny bottle, 200 ml for $20.00 with a different name than was advertised on line. No instructions, no ingredients listed etc.
Tried cleaner, works no better than any other cleaning product, probably not as well!
Quite disappointed, will never do business with these scammers again.
I received canned emails from them, but never a call!

Erik –

Ordered the rinse free grease cleaner and I finally received it. It took emails and I was finally given a tracking number. The address listed on package is.
2352 Bent Creek Rd
Auburn, Al 36838
It did not work as stated. No ingredients listed. The was no packing slip and no directions. No foam as advertised. No Good. I too got got.

C McMillan

Henry –

I placed an order months ago. No product for cleaning received. Took my $40 tho. In a heartbeat. Must definitely be scam … won’t send my refund either. Tho they claimed they did do a refund. Most definitely did not get a refund.

Devin –

same thing happened to me order#113364 got credit card bill but no product

Krystal –

I got my order. like others there is no instructions on the bottle or in the package. there is also no ingredient list on the bottle. i tried it and found it no better cleaning then Pledge Clean it. it has the owners name on the card that was with the product as CANSIN, which was stamped the card in a very non-professional manor.

Emmanuel –

I order on 3./18 over 100 dollares never got my order . send many emails no reply from you all. I want my $107.00 back or send all to dist attorney . I’ll post everyday what a rip off this is. [email protected]

Katherine Woodworth.

Eddie –

I ordered the no wipe foaming cleaner from Johnson’s Gadgets on 3/19/2020. It was supposed to take 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered and I haven’t received it yet. I’VE BEEN SCAMMED! I would like to know what gives you the right to take money from decent hard working people? I WANT MY MONEY BACK! $25.98 TO BE EXACT!

Cole – Is this the website now by chance? I got a answer back on when I emailed them. But not sure this email goes with this website or not as I found another email on this website as [email protected]

Kelly –… Check out this site.

Taylor –

On January 29, 2020 I also ordered the kitchen degreaser for $25.98. It is now April 29, 2020 and I still have not received it. I’ve sent 3 emails and keep getting the same response. We are very sorry to hear that you want a refund. We would like to apologize for the trouble and frustration that you experienced lately. Unfortunately, at this point, we won’t be able to process the cancellation because the order has been processed and is now in transit. As of now, we can only offer you a 20% partial refund. Then upon receipt of the product, it’s your option if you will keep it or return it to us to get the remaining 80% refund.
Thank you for your patience with us. 🙂
Johnson’s Gadgets. I want a refund! 5 months is ridiculous!

Priscilla –

Dang I knew it was to good to be true, although its only been 19 days since I ordered but even so, 25 is a lot for cleaner that probably wont do what they say it will do. Well we tried right. 😹🤣

Phillip –

Same exact thing happened to me! Ordered end of December

Marisa –

On Jan 29, 2020 I ordered and ALL PURPOSE NONRINSE CLEANING SPRAY and ALL PURPOSE QUICK FOAMING TOILET CLEANER. as of this date I’ve not received anything. I have asked for a refund several times as in there paper it said that I had to wait 6 weeks and then I could get a refund. . Well needless to say they keep telling me that its in process and its siting in customs and can not be refunded. That they will ship it out to me and if I don’t want it I can return it. I’ve told them time and time again that I am due a refund as its past there 6 weeks and I don’t want it anymore as I’ve purchased something else. This has been very frustrating and I won’t let this happen again. I’m on a fixed income and really can’t afford to have someone take advantage of me. People like this make it rough for legitimate company’s when you have things like this happen. So if there’s anything that you can do I would appreciate it.
Order # 96107 Cost: $46.15
Mildred Villareal
[email protected]

Johnathan –

Victim Location 98312

Total money lost $25.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an advertisement for a kitchen cleaning product that would remove grease from pots and pans immediately. ON Feb4, 2020 I Ordered the product, "All Purpose Grease Free cleaning spray" @ $19.99 half price per bottle. It took a long time to ship this order. I received an email on March 17, 2020 stating the item had been shipped. I finally received the package on April 20, 2020. The item I received in NOT the item they advertised. They sent me a bottle I can only describe as similar to "bubble" making bottles for children. I can buy a similar product at Walmart or Dollar Tree for $1.00. In fact, the product is labeled "Bubble Cleaner". This is such an inferior product to what they advertise that I feel very strongly that the public needs to be warned. I did not know at the time of purchase that this item was coming from China. Please help us. We have not recourse but to continue to be victims of their dishonest business practices.

Clinton –

I ordered 2 bottles of the spray you described and after 4 months received the bubble cleaner. My charge of $45.56 is being handled by my Capital One Company (credit card). Capital one said that they contacted Johnson’s Gadget and they don’t have documentation to provide any information about my order . So Capital One credited my account. Thank you Capital One.

Brendan –

I ordered some degreasing spray in Jan. 2020. The money was taken out of my acct 2/1/20 $25.98. I never received this product. I have emailed them at least 3 times and filed a complaint with PayPal demanding a refund! To date, I have received nothing. I want a refund! 98046 is my order number

Janelle –

Ordered item 4 months ago and received it today and it doesn’t work! It is a rip off! The spray nozzle doesn’t fit into the bottle so I had to cut it just to make it fit! No instructions come with it either. There is no contact information.

Caroline –

I purchased a cleaner just arrived. The package was ripped and the bottle is cracked and crushed I didn’t know it came from China took a long time to get. Very disappointed [email protected]

Armando –

Ordered product from them and never got it..Can’t seem to cancel order…Can found order but can’t cancel..It’s nothing but a scam. They owe me 24.99

Miguel –

I ordered in January and still have not received my order but they’re still letting them advertise on Facebook why

Ashlee –

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Johnson’s Gadgets were advertising on Instagram and I made two purchases (cleaning product related). I believe I did receive an order number, but weeks went by and I never received my products. I contacted them through email 3 to 4 times (no phone number available) and received no response. It’s very frustrated that they lost ads and get away with this. I’m definitely not the only one that has fallen for this scam. It’s disgusting..

Caitlin –

Same complaint! I ordered in December, and have not received any product. Why is Facebook still allowing these scam artists to advertise on their site?

Shawn –

Same as all the ones above! I ordered over a month ago. I received the same lying e-mails. To this day no response & no product! Why are they still allowed to advertise? I’m so angry I could spit! It’s so frustrating!
I wish they had a phone # – they don’t. Why is Amazon advertising for them?

Ebony –

I placed two orders in October 2019 and have not received anything. I have sent three messages for answers and have never heard a word. Obviously, I was another victim. Their website should be removed from the internet.

Jay –

I ordered some cleaner but it’s not what I ordered, and there’s no direction on the bottle of how to use

Linda –

Victim Location 45431

Total money lost $25.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a cleaning product from this company on oct the 8 2019 they took payment out of account on October 8 I have sent several e mails asking for product or refund all of my emails have gone unanswered

Haley –

Victim Location 30165

Total money lost $27

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some all-purpose cleaner from the website and was told I would receive an email letting me know when it shipped. I got my credit card bill and saw the charge for the product and a foreign exchange charge and realized I had yet to receive notification that my order had shipped so I notified the company. I was sent a response that stated they would check on it. I have yet to hear anything and I have notified the website again. The website does not indicate where the product is shipping from but it is obviously foreign because of the exchange charge. Please do not be fooled by this company like I was!!! Others have been fooled too because there are other reports online that I was unaware of until now.

Michelle –

Victim Location 96786

Total money lost $24.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company does not deliver products and says they will issue refunds but never does. First they say they are waiting for new stock, then when you cancel the order cause of no delivery, they say "sorry, we are having problems with our system."

My product was order 21 Jan, cancelled my order 11 Feb, and till today, not refund.

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