Apple Support – IMPOSTER

Heidi – Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 14215

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

They pretended to be AppleCare. They told my boyfriend that someone in China hacked his phone and his VPN was compromised. They had him download 2 apps do the could access his phone. They proceeded to tell him his Cashapp and BOA app was also comprised. They had him transfer money out of his cash app then returned it. Then they had him transfer all the money out his cashapp until it was empty with promises of it being refunded. Then proceeded to have him do the same in his BOA app. They sent him text messages pretending to be BOA with transaction refunds pending. They also promised him free AirPods. When I stepped in and told him to hold on Apple wouldn’t have you sending money he got smart so I told him to connect me with the manger. The manager than had him try to enter $1000 and hit refund so he could get his money back through Zelle. I also have Zelle so I know that’s not how it works, once I started telling him no he started getting irate do I hung up to call my bank. As soon as I hung up they called right back. Once I contacted his bank they told us the transfers were sent to a phone number. We are waiting on Cashapp to contact us back.

Terry – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 13601

Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted 8 time in 3 hours by various numbers. They wanted to access my iCloud accounts claiming they were hacked. Phone numbers are ?+1 (415) 866-7365?, ?+1 (415) 861-7508?, ?+1 (415) 868-9918?, ?+1 (415) 869-7085?, ?+1 (415) 863-0863?, ?+1 (415) 864-5649?, ?+1 (415) 868-8857?, ?+1 (415) 869-3928?

Kellie –

Victim Location 91754

Total money lost $1,149

Type of a scam Tech Support

I googled the phone number of Apple Support to dispute a charge for a purchase I made on an online game that I downloaded for my apple device. I was first talked to by an "Apple Support" representative who told me his name was Patrick and then he assigned me a case number 10001988357. He told me that after reviewing my account that he saw there was some fraudulent activity estimated to be around *** in pornography costs. He told me that he could also get my *** refunded to me by the accidental purchase I made on the gaming app.He then passed my case over to another representative by the name of John Freight who gave me an employee number of 10782. He told me that I would be required to purchase 4 *** dollar Itunes gift card, of which I would be re-imbursed directly to my debit card. I did so. I bought *** dollars worth of Itunes gift cards and then proceeded to read the numbers off to him. As we "neared" the end of the process he told me that it could not be provided because I did give my full name associated with my itunes account. He proceeded to transfer me to another "rep" by the name of Jack Wilson, Employee number: JK00281. To restart the process Jack told me I had to purchase another ***  dollars worth of Google Play Gift cards. I did so still under the impression that he would re-imburse me. Before he we could "finish" the process he told me that I needed to purchase 3 more Itunes **  dollar gift cards. Foolishy, I gave him all the gift card numbers. The total amount of gift cards I purchased was ***. He told me that after I purchased all those gift cards that they could not be deposited into my debit card because the total amount exceeded ***. He told me in order to be re-imbursed, A fed-ex person would have to deliver a cashier’s check contingent on me buying another ***  dollars worth of gift cards. At this point I demanded that I be re-imbursed and refused to spend any more money. He reassured me to find a Apple Service Store to confirm what he was telling me was true. I google the name of the store, and when I arrived at the address in Hollywood, there was no such store. Meanwhile, I called my bank who infomed me that there was a 100 percent chance that I was being fraudulently taken advantage of. I feel stupid that I was so gullible, but nevertheless it’s a life lesson and I hope this can help someone else.

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