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Maria – Nov 23, 2020

they got facebooks accounts tryna hire you

This is one of theyre accounts

Misty – Nov 23, 2020


Gary – Nov 23, 2020

they be changing the topic when you tell them you know they scamming

Ross – Nov 23, 2020

They offered me 25/hr with no experience and also they told me i needed to be 18+ y/o and then i asked if i could still be hired because im underage and they said yes, NO COMPANY DOES THAT. FAKE

Andrew – Nov 23, 2020

SCAM, they contacted me through facebook and then tried interviewing me on skype.they tried to hire me on the spot and they said they were going to send me a check and everything else these people are saying is true allium medical solutions is a scam.

Brooke – Oct 16, 2020

Definitely a SCAM! As seen in all of the previous messages i was hired immediately and when i received the check it was deemed fraudulent and then they asked for my credit card number in order to send the funds through there! do not give them your information. They send you the all of the necessary documents that a regular company would send but it’s not legit. Ignore them 100%

Mayra – Sep 27, 2020

I had the same experience last week as posted here from others. However, I felt very suspicious about the process and the interview only on IM. I messaged back Sarah Tobin on Telegram app and told her about my findings and refused to complete the forms. The message thread disappeared shortly after that. When it’s too good to be true, keep your radar on!
I kept the emails for evidence just in case this comes to a point of prosecution.

Kara – Sep 21, 2020

This is 100% a scam. I was interviewed by Mike Remza over the telegram app. Got offered the position on the spot. $38.75/hr. I’m sorry. I’m not complaining about making money, but this seems an outrageous amount for an Administrative Assistance or a Customer Service Representative. 3-days later I received a check via Fed Ex for $2,250.00. I called the bank that was supposedly issuing the check cause all my red flags were up at this point. The bank is First Nations Bank. I called them to verify if the check was legit or not, and they were very quickly able to determine that the check was fraudulent. Now I’m in touch with the district attorney’s office to try to nail these [censored]. People who do these type of scams are [censored].

So, what made me suspicious? First of all, when you are given a check from any company that you don’t recognize you should be calling the bank that supposedly issued it in order to verify that a) they person or company giving you the check is a legit customer of theirs and b) that they have the funds to cover the check. That’s my free tip.

The things that made me instantly suspicious aside the fact that 38 dollars an hour is just way too generous for a customer service rep, and that no one is going to mail a new employee a check for that amount out of the blue, was the fact that in every single document that I received the logo of the supposed company was never visible. when you get correspondence from a company it comes in their own particular format with the company’s name and logo clearly displayed. Also, the check I received did not come from the supposed Allium medical or Allium LTD. It came straight from First Nations Bank. That is a no-no. Companies send you checks bearing their name and Logo. These scammers are good, but they are not perfect. As a general rule. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and your alarm bells should be going off in your head.

Sierra – Sep 21, 2020

Similar experience as previous poster, but I haven’t filled out their forms yet. I applied for an Administrative Assistant position, and had a text conversation with someone named John Bennett, who directed me to download Telegram for a text interview with Jakub Kamil. After a short “questionnaire”(a text conversation with Jakub Kamil), he offered me the position, and requested my e-mail address to send documents, and how I would like to receive the payment for supplies. After I received the e-mail containing the documents (offer letter, company policies/procedures, I-9, W-4), I was directed to complete them and send them back to move forward.

Gloria – Oct 13, 2020

Thank you for posting this. I checked it out because I’d never heard of the company. They offered me $47.75 per hour as an administrative assistant. These fraud and scammers are out of control! Prayers and blessings to you as you continue on your career/job search journey.

Erik – Sep 21, 2020

Wow. At least they half-assed tried to fool you. They were completely lazy with me. I kind of feel some type of way about that lol. Contact your district attorney’s office. Fraud division. They can coordinate with whatever local authorities these people operate under to help bring them down. That is always a nice payback. They think they’re going catfishing and they catch a shark instead.

Edwin – Sep 18, 2020

Victim Location 14424

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I contacted Allium Medical Solutions for an interview on Telegram Application that was downloaded to my phone and PC. I was in contact with a hiring manager named Sarah Tobin. As I was hired for the job she wanted paperwork filled out of W-4 and I-9 and an agreement form to be signed, I did this at home residence and completed all online with Adobe Acrobat. After completing paperwork, she was sending out a package via FedEx along with tracking information for me to receive package. As I did get the envelope, there was a check for an amount of $3,950.00 for me to deposit in my account that was also given during paperwork. A direct deposit form was filled out assuming this was a legit employer. I tried depositing this check in my account with a mobile deposit app and it came back at 10:00 am on 9/18/2020 invalid due to issuer not found. I then informed the manager on what happened, she insisted to go to another bank to cash this. Her main worry was me cashing this check and depositing the money into my account. After all this and no explanation as to why the check did not clear for me when I tried cashing, I called the bank that issued the check. The bank woman declared fraud on the check, I tore the check up as directed, and have not been in contact with the company that did such. I am now in process of disputing for fraud alerts to the hiring website, social security, BBB, and the FTC. I also closed my checking account and will be changing all pass-codes on my computer that was used at the time of communication.

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