Abbott Health Care Inc.

Cameron –

Victim Location 80809

Type of a scam Employment

Hello, I received a text message (11/16/2015) from unknown person claiming to be " Gonzalez Micheal, Director of Quality Control and Employee Compliance of Abbott Health Care Inc." He was contacting me in regards to my resume I posted on He wanted me to set up a Yahoo or Gmail messenger account to perform an interview. I went thru using the interview using Yahoo messenger and was hired after answering a bunch of questions with "Casandra Gomez" who claimed she resides in UK. The business address she gave is: 79 Uphill Dr, London NW9 0BX, United Kingdom. Was then told I’ll be receiving a "company certified check" to use for software programs and I, assume, a laptop as well. Anyway, to bring this to its conclusion; I called Abbott Health Care Corporate office and talked to HR. They say this employment practice is NOT policy. They took some info I gave them and now I’m expecting a call from an company rep to investigate this events.

I was wondering if other people have been thru this but got burned. If so, lets put an end to this! I did save half of the messenger log. I was able to save the second half for some reason…

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