US Treasury Department – Federal Grants Agency – imposter

US Treasury Department – Federal Grants Agency – imposter Reviews, Check US Treasury Department – Federal Grants Agency – imposter Scam or Legit
Rebecca – Mar 14, 2020

Victim Location 28694

Type of a scam Government Grant

Submitted to FTC and FCC websites on 3/13 / 3/14

I’ve been receiving spam phone calls since early February 2020 with increasing regularity. Today (March 13, 2020), after receiving four spam calls throughout the day beginning at 1:37 PM, I decided to answer a call that came at 7:00 PM. (For reference, the numbers and call times of the previous calls today are as follows: At 1:37 PM, from 704-379-4025; 1:50 PM, +60 7-258 1517 (Malaysia); 3:20 PM, 704-167-8564; 4:12 PM, 704-450-9610.) The individual on the other end of the line, who spoke English with what seemed like a Chinese accent, identified himself as an agent of the US Treasury Department, told me he had my name and information, and said I was the recipient of a federal grant in the amount of $5000. He gave vague reasoning as to why I was apparently eligible for this grant involving, if I understood correctly, the fact that I had never filed for bankruptcy and paid taxes on time. He told me in order to claim my funds, I needed to write down a confirmation number ("GY901," if I recall correctly) and call a second 202 area code number. Knowing this was a scam, I asked why I would need to hang up and immediately call a second number if this second individual was truly working for the same agency as the man I was speaking with. He then asked if I would like to be transferred to his supervisor, to which I agreed. The supervisor I spoke with (also speaking English with what seemed to be a Chinese accent) asked what I needed help with; I explained that it was his office that had called me and asked what they could help me with. He re-explained the grant opportunity; I then asked where he was calling from, and he replied, "Washington, D.C." I said this was interesting given the caller ID indicated the Charlotte, NC area; the alleged supervisor said "That is interesting" and then hung up. I then almost immediately (at 7:08 PM) received another call, this time from 704-452-5266; this seemed to be the same individual who first called me. He asked why I hung up, and I explained his "supervisor" hung up on me. He then became irritated and said I was "not taking this seriously"; I then asked him what he thought my name was, given he allegedy had my information. He said my name was "Brandy Henninger" (which is consistent with other spam texts I’ve recently been receiving); when I indicated this was not true, he claimed I was lying, saying, "You and I both know that’s your name." I then asked not to be called again and indicated I would contact authorities if I was; the caller said he would continue to call my number every 15 minutes. When I explained this explicitly violated do not call laws, his response was "Rules are meant to be broken" and also said he would "call the cops" on me. He then said I was wasting his time and hung up.

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