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Cynthia –

Victim Location 32810

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

In the month of December I sent a package FedEx and went to the tracking then my computer froze up and it said call this number. These tech said my computer was hacked and it will cost me 99.99 to fix it. I paid to fix it not realizing this was a scam. They would have gotten away with it but my friend called and asked me to go back on the FedEx website and check to see where the package was, when I did the same thing happened again and I called them back angry and they said it will cost me another 179.99 to fix it. The first guy told me he installed hackers protection and nothing was installed and he said they were micro soft. I told them to leave my computer cause I am not giving them any more money. I got hold of the real micro soft people and they unfroze my computer and said nothing was wrong with my lap top. I already had these protection on my new lap top. They told me if that ever happen to me again to press control, shift and esc to get what those people did to my screen. They must have stolen a lot of money from people tracking packages on FedEx during the Christmas season. I am so mad I want to report them to everyone they are crooks.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 08050

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer hacker Trojan virus 1,500 corrupted files 44,000

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