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Vanessa – Apr 24, 2020

Yes, we have received the same thing. Our interview was on trillion messenger; first email came from [email protected] and second one from [email protected] The funny thing is that gmail account has picture of real Lisa van Capelle. We reached out to actual Syneos Health and they confirmed it’s fraud. We have turned over everything to the DA’s office and waiting for the check so we can turn that in too. These fraudsters are using Google and AWS cloud services to hide their identity but they messed up with wrong person this time.

Cindy –

Victim Location 98146

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I applied for remote graphic design work via

I got emails from Jason Meggs ([email protected]) who asked me to interview with Lisa Van Capello ([email protected]) on google hangout on August 27. Lisa’s google hangout id was [email protected]

I interviewed with lisa a few times. Things were getting weird and weird. They claimed that Syneos Health wanted to send me a check for buying home equipment for remote graphic design work. I have all those stuff already, but they still wanted to send the check to me.

They took my signature on work contract, and copy of driver license. This is what I am afraid of, so I decided to write this email.

Yesterday, I got the check $7150.55. It looked real to me. I am not cashing it at all. I am not sure what to do with it? Take it to police office or throw it away.

The weird thing is that check is not from Syneos Health. It’s Stem Synergy. I do not know any of them at all.

I also write Stem Synergy an email as well.

Please help me. I want to know if anything will happen since I sent them my contract signature and copy of driver license.

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