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Latasha – Oct 19, 2020

Our experience is much the same as the above from my husband got a call from Kelly at S&W Billing. She knew his name and address. She was calling to let him know about an unpaid lab bill from 2018 (two and a half years ago). We explained that we had never seen a bill from Elite Diagnostic. She said the last statement was sent 4 months ago and that she had access to all the tracking numbers for the statements. We questioned paying it when we weren’t aware of it and asked numerous times for a statement to be sent. Kelly basically refused to send us a statement by stating that the intention of this call was to collect a debt and verifying that it would or would not be settling at this time. We explained that we would not be paying it, and that we wanted a statement sent.WeI also explained that we didn’t know if this is a hoax or real and that is also why we wanted a statement. She asked if is was a problem with the amount and that she could offer a settlement. The money wasn’t the issue but we do believe that it is no mere coincidence that it is the same amout as the above complaintant, of $389.41. She then hung up on me.

We called back and talked to a female with an East Indian accent, who also would not send us a statement and said that the bill was in precollections, but would soon go to full collections. We explained that we would pay if we had the bill but didn’t know if this was a hoax.

We asked for a contact number to Elite Diagnostics. Kelly didn’t have one. They offered us the Dr.’s license number but couldn’t give us a name or where the labs were taken.

Our insurance checked our claims in 2018 and could not find anything from an Elite Diagnostics or any other claims around the March 4th date (Sunday no less). Kelly had given me the date and that the charges were from blood labs. She told me that Elite Diagnostics may have not been covered. The insurance rep explained that these claims have a contact number to the originating biller.

I called Elite Diagnostics and they were a dental lab. They were very explicit in the type of work they do, no other number was offered.

Then my mother advised me to put the phone number (561) 757-4636 into google, and I found other people had reported SNW Billing with an overdue 2018 medical bill.

Ramon – Oct 14, 2020

I received a phone call from the same # 561.757.4636 S&W Billing with the exact same scenario as the last person who posted their experince…I had called my Drs. office and notified them of the SCAM and they were thankful because other patients were receiving the same phone calls…I hope those who read this…Always google suspicious numbers…

Martin – Jun 24, 2020

I didnt pay my bill for a while but i thought about it and called them and was relieved when they actually sent me a bill in the mail. I called them back and they also did a settlement for me

Joy – Jun 24, 2020

You are a patient who has not paid their remanding balance. Every comment online to collection agencies are usually other collection companies or from patients who have not paid their bill. Once an account is in collections the original creditor sold the account to the collection agency in their choosing. So if you did not like hearing about money you owe, then please at least be honest and express that instead of writing a fictitious comment just because you do not want to pay your bill.

Marco – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 75019

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from Francis at S&W Billing. He knew my name and address. He was calling to let me know about an unpaid bill from 2018 (two years ago). I was upset that I had never seen a bill, and now it had been sent to him. He told me that Elite Diagnostics was required by law to send three notices before they sent it to collections. He said that after I had paid and settled the claim, they would send me a copy of the original bill, 72 hours later. I questioned paying it when I wasn’t aware of it. I asked him if I could pay with a credit card (so that I could dispute the charges if this wasn’t a legitimate claim). He said that I couldn’t pay one debt with another and that I would need to pay by check. He offered to settle for $300.00 instead of $389.41. I told him I would look into it and call him back.

My insurance checked my claims in 2018 and could not find anything from an Elite Diagnostics. Francis had given me the date and names of the labs taken. He told me that Elite Diagnostics wasn’t always in-network, so it may have not been covered. My insurance told me to ask them for more information from the provider.

I called back and asked for more information. I asked for the physician’s name, but he only had their medical license number. He told me that he had been there for three years, he’s paid by salary, he’s just doing his job, etc. He said that he would place the account on hold until tomorrow night. Then it would go to collections after the weekend. I called Elite Diagnostics. They told me that they had gotten a lot of calls and it was probably a scam. They gave me the number of another Elite Diagnostics. They also didn’t have an account for me.

I called back to confront him about the scam. I asked for Elite Diagnostic’s number. He didn’t have it. I told him claims and bills always have contact information for the provider. I told him that I was told this was a scam. He was silent and then told me that he would have to let it go to collections.

Then my husband put the phone number (561) 757-4636 into google, and I found other people had reported Francis with an overdue 2018 medical bill.

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