Support Services Online/Imagine Soft USA

Marisa –

Victim Location 02457

Type of a scam Tech Support


-Received morning landline phone call from a very aggressive/loud/impatient/urgent sounding man with a South East Asian accent.

-He told me that he detected that my Microsoft Office Program has a virus and that my computer will stop working if I did not fix in within 1-2 days.

– He continually told me not to worry and to go sit in front of my computer.


-Caller ID displayed Ohio number beginning with area code 555

-Asked for "Lady" or "Man" of House

-When asked name of his company, reluctant to provide it, but did.

-He told me that he was a part of Support Services Online/Imagine Soft USA. He grew impatient when I repeatedly asked him to spell name of company.

-Then he hung up on me.

-Sounded like he was calling from a call center because I heard other loud voices with the same accent.

-Duration of call was less than 10 min

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