Supply Logistics Warehouse Inc

Christine –

Victim Location 37205

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Our office received a few calls from a company claiming to be our "printer company" or something to that effect. We use a local company that regularly services our machines and provides toner as part of our deal with them. Our paralegal thought it was odd they did not state the name of the company or seem to know the information they were asking for, but the information they asked for seemed innocuous enough, so she provided it: the type of printer we use. They called a second and third time and talked to our other paralegal, again confirming information about our printers. Around a week ago, we received a shipment of toner and thought little of it. We aren’t out of toner, but thought perhaps it was shipped in advance as the company knew we were getting low based on our meter readings, so we put the box in the supply room and carried on. We did not notice the address, but to be honest we probably would have thought they supply the toner for our local company anyway. Just now, they sent an invoice for the "discount" toner we received ($*** + $** in "freight and handling"… roughly 7x the value of a cartridge!), along with a W-2 form with an FEIN I cannot verify, and a credit card authorization form. The address is for a box at a UPS office in Los Angeles. The address matches who sent us the toner. We’re still in the process of resolving this but wanted to go on and warn others that this is a scam.

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