Super Frenchie Reviews - Super Frenchie Scam or Legit

Jimmy – Aug 31, 2020

Hi my name is Michael and Super Frenchie is trying to run the same scam on me as I’m typing this letter for $900 total(Puppy fee $700 and a shipping fee of $200).Currently, David is trying to play the concern pet seller and at the same time pushing a contract at me. Hearing the desperation from this seller, I decide to go do some research on this company and luckily came across this website. I can not thank this website enough for saving because Dave almost mead me his next victim.
I promise to pursue this matter further and stop this puppy ring.

Nancy – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 54601

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a pup “ Gus”for 700 then 200 shipping. He was really good, seemed like he genuinely cared who they went with, had me sign a contract. He wanted us to use Zelle but that wouldn’t work so I had to use Cash App. Then he dropped the pup off with Rocket Pet Delivery ( aka Rhonda’s pet delivery amongst other associated names to the customer service number search)to fly out from Lansing Mi to Green Bay and the scam really shined. They wanted me to pay an additional 900 to fly him safely that would be refunded. They don’t deliver nor refund. Once I told him finally that the service was a scam after her tried making me feel guilty he stopped talking to me. He played us pretty well, knew what he was doing.


Super Frenchie

David and Ashonti Patterson

Lansing Mi


Also his "assistant "

[email protected]

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