Chelsea –

Victim Location 28732

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Had English bulldog puppies for sale $700.00 shipping included. I read website and her email. She stated she shipped the puppy thru United airlines pet sage delivery program. I made sure again no extra cost, again told NO. I wired her the money on a Friday. That Saturday morning I get an email from Royal Pet Delivery Service telling me they have my puppy and I have to pay a $999.99 refundable handling charge. I call the breeder. She states she forgot to mention this to me but she has used this company before and everything is refundable. My husband and I decided to pay it because we want the puppy. We wait half the day then get another email that the dog needs a shipping crate for the plane and one of his shots was not up to date, another 625.00, we paid.

By this time it’s to late to ship the puppy so it will be Monday before he can be shipped. The breeder calls me several times on Sunday to assure me everything was Ok and all money paid for shipping was refundable and there was nothing else I needed to do all was handled. I was expecting my puppy to be delivered at 10:04pm that Monday night when I get another email telling me my puppy is in Cleveland and I need a city tax ID if not I need to pay 1300.00 which is refundable. By this time I’m in tears because that tell me the puppy will be put in quarantine if the fee is not paid. I have been in touch with the breeder who is VERY SORRY. She said she was going to refunded ALL my money since she did not tell me about thses fees. Of course I’m STILL WAITING it’s been 3 weeks now!

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