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Derek – Dec 15, 2020

I saw an online “news” story claiming that singer Willie Nelson’s new line of CBD oil and cream were doing so well that his music producer was complaining he wasn’t spending enough time writing, recording and performing music anymore. He was promoting his CBD product line and his friends and business associates in the music industry were raving about his new products.
The story went on to say that for a limited time and quantity I could get the oil and cream for only shipping charges.
I am ashamed to say that I fell for it, and ordered using my credit card, because I trusted Willie Nelson’s reputation. I have been a fan of his music for many years.
The samples showed up, I tried them for a week or so and found no benefit, so I forgot all about it. A couple of weeks later a box showed up with oil and cream. I returned them to sender with a letter saying I had not ordered them and was returning them unopened. I then reviewed my credit card statement and found I had been billed $118 and $85. I filed a dispute.
Since then I have been billed by Keto Living and Muscle Pure Solutions, using my credit card number, expiration date, address, phone number, etc from that original Sunny CBD sample order. They claim I have received products from these companies also.
It is all a scam. Unfortunately, if you are reading this, it is probably because you are already caught up in it.
I have since read another “News” story claiming that Melania Trump has a similar CBD product line and it is also offering free samples for the cost of shipping. This looks like a similar hoax. Maybe even by the same group?

Jacquelyn – Nov 21, 2020

I ordered the samples of Sunny CBD oil and sunny CBD cream. Didn’t realize that if you didn’t contact them within a couple weeks approximately they will charge you the full amount which was $118 and some change for the ol and $85 for the cream. Went through my credit card company disputing it and I end up reversing the dispute credit saying I agree to the terms when I made the purchase. That was in fine print after you entered your credit card information you had to check yes or no as to whether you agreed to their terms obviously most people wouldn’t read all those terms because there was so much but they were buried in there. Stay away from this company if you can

Sophia – Sep 27, 2020

I got an offer on my computer for a Sunny CBD for free, I accepted it, and out of the blue I got a charge for $118.88 which I never received. I informed my credit card and they followed through and I received notification that USPS delivered the order. The only thing I have is my word that I did not receive it. My main concern is that this is and automated delivery and I will be receiving more charges for a product I am not interested in.

Catherine – Sep 11, 2020

The complaints fall on deaf ear! Once I realized my account had been charged $85. by Maleessenceproducts I contacted the number of a 3rd party administer, First Class Customer Service in Costa Rico, and spoke with Ty-Agent #0026, at 855-780-2700. I informed he could not assist me and his supervisor was too busy to speak with me. I immediately contacted my bank, which I must say is addressing the issue! This company claimed this was tried and approved by Rachael Raye…my daughter tried not to laugh at me. I am on a fixed income. I give back and help all of the time, but not $85.00. THIS COMPANY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS, ALLOWED TO SCAM AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE GIVING THIS ONLINE AVAILABILITY OF THIS PRODUCT A BAD NAME. I DON’T HAVE IT TO GIVE TO A SCAM!

Brad – Aug 31, 2020

SCAM SCAM SCAM I tried free sample 7.98$ I noticed 118.88 charge they are very unprofessional I’m unemployed had .52 cents now I’m 118.00 negative I’m unemployed with a daughter I called no manager there no supervisor . what type of [censored] I ordered on 8/7/2020 and technically I’m in Florida it came from California.. there address is 10018 Lower Azusa RJ el Monte. CA 91731 that’s were item came from. Phone number I called was 1866 912 0127.

Javier – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 63033

Total money lost $134

Type of a scam Credit Cards

After I ordered a "FREE SAMPLE " of this product (CBD oil), I ended up not only getting charged for the cost of shipping the CBD product, but then noticed there were charges on my debit card for other products, I never heard of, nor ordered: namely, MaleEssentials at phone: 855 562-9101, and Ketorealstrength at phone: 8669457089 out of AZ. By bank called on 8/27/20 to ask if I ordered from MaleEssentials and wanted to allow them to put $118.00 on my card. I advised the bank this not to be allowed. The following day, 8/28/20, I check my debitcard activity and found there was a new "Pending Authorization" for Ketorealstrength for $118.08. I called the bank immediately, advising them not to allow this charge. It may or may not go through, and if it does I will have to dispute this charge for $118.08. My advice is to "NOT ORDER FROM SUNNY CBD–IT IS A RIP-OFF". Lord only knows how many other products they would be putting on my debit card if my bank had not advised me of the first larger charge of $118.00. The bank must be aware of this "scammer" , as they asked me if I ordered a "free sample" of something.

Jodi – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 76034

Total money lost $203.18

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered sunny cbd oil and cream off Facebook ad. In small print under “terms” at very bottom it explains that you are not buying product but signing up for subscription after 17 day trial. Not from date of shipping or receipt of product but from day you order it. They charged me $118.18 and $85.00 to my credit card on July 2nd. I had ordered product on the 15th of June. I called on July 5th when I saw charges and they basically said you’re screwed because you didn’t call within the 17 day free trial. So now trying to get charges refunded through credit card company which may or may not happen. This looks like one of the most common scams on Facebook these days. Seems like many other health supplements are doing the same. Beware af what you are buying!

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