sunday olaniyan david Reviews - sunday olaniyan david Scam or Legit

Caleb –

Victim Location 68128

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Romance

He told me his name is xuan Nguyen, he have 1 daughter whos is 14 year old, he a pilot works for delta airline, we met on face book of last year in november 2018, at first he was really nice seems like a caring person always ask about my mom and my son how they are doing.i do the same i always ask bout how his daughter and himself doing, at first we started out from face book then we talk on the phone and txt each other by phone, he says that hes looking for someone will love him truely and that he found one wich is me .he told me that hes single dad and that he raise his kid on his own and his gf do drugs and such , he seems like a nice and loving person we talkes for awhile every day he would call me after work and text me. i never seen his face everytime i ask to ft with me he always says that his phone doesnt have camera and he ask me to send him a phone and he will pay me back, I ask him dont you have money you said your a pilot makes alot of money ,then he send me a letter from his bank say that his acct been locked dues to fraud needs to pays 2k to court for them to unlock the acct, he ask me to help him pay for court so he can access his money and will pay me back, so I Helped him pays court fee and send him a phone so i can see him. he promise that hes gonna come over and live with me .I also been helping him with food and stuffs for him to feed his daughter .I send the 2k to his so call lawyer to his bank acct . , after i did everything for him he blocked me from facebook also disconnect his phone ,last time he chatted me on facebook was september 30th .2019 . I BEEN SENDING HIM EMAILS that the only way i can reach him but no luck he never send me back , in october I found out that in was being scams everything he send me was all fake then I went to my bank in hoping that they can get my money back but they told me that been past 90 days that they cant do anything to help me. i would like your help in getting back my money and bring these people in to the law so they can do something about it and to warn others people as well. thankyou.

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