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Anthony – Dec 22, 2020

wow I almost signed up thanks for your posts. I was contacted too first sounded like a job offer, but later turned out to be a training for BA and needed to pay $450. I was contacted by Anjali, she said to send my resume. I sent my resume, after a few days got a call from a guy forgot his name, He went over things and said they will train me, and help me find a job. Then Anjali again, sent email saying I have to pay $450. I went online and googled and found this site where I could post. I looked up their website, they have a 919 area code, but that area code is for North Carolina, and not Seattle Washington. Why do they not have a Seattle number on their website. this is what they have

Email: [email protected]
US: 919-373-3737
Contact us
Site mapon their website

Lisa – Nov 27, 2020

I received a call from Kunal Rajput 1 (509) 590-2218 and he called me from different number as well. He told me that they offering BA training, live projects to have hands on expert, would help in building resume and prepare for interviews and get interview calls, cracking the interview is person responsibility. He asked me to pay 450 dollars to get classes for BA.
I paid in installments, later on Divyanshu +1 (551) 888-0077 called me to put me on schedule for classes. I got classes done, but there was no proper assignment, no real project , no resume help, no mock interviews. I even tried emailing the instructor sherly M. She responded once then later no response. No one called to follow up how the course went. People like them make others stop trusting anyone’s words.
Now when I emailed them that they scammed. Divyanshu says it’s for the first time he is listening about resume and Job help. These people are liars. They take advantage of people’s helplessness. Please take a immediate action so that they donot scam other people and make fool of them. Everyone wants to earn more but not by making fool of anyone, or say these people are good at doing it. They took my 450 dollars and they tried charging 250 more but Thank God I stopped the payment on time. And when I asked them they said no we Didnot try, but I have proof in my bank statement about the payment which Didnot go through. This is all SCAM. These people are LIARS.

Leonard – Jul 20, 2020

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I just received a call from him last week and he called today with the same information. I got suspicious and went on google. He is sending me things with the same claim.

Bobby –

Victim Location 08234

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted on my cellphone by Kunal Rajput, who identified himself as a recruiter for Sue Shine, on 6/25/18 at ~5:30 pm. He said that they were looking to fill a business analyst position, offered a brief and confusing definition of the position, told me that the position pays $60k-70k, and then asked me for my e-mail address, which I gave to him. He told me he would e-mail me and then I should respond to that e-mail if I am interested in the position with my resume. He would forward the e-mail to his "marketing team." If they found my skills "desirable," he would contact me in "a day or two" to move forward with job training procedure. I was suspicious, but I thought were was no harm in sending my resume. I did not receive an e-mail that evening. He called me again at 11:30 am 6/26/18 and asked why I did not respond to that e-mail. I told him I did not receive it. He said it may be in my spam folder. I checked, and it was in my spam folder and I informed him I would respond to his e-mail immediately. When I saw the e-mail, I became very suspicious. It looked very unprofessional, very poorly formatted, and contained many typographical errors. I followed the link in the e-mail to the company’s website ( which aesthetically looks professional, but again is filled with typographical errors and the contact page is completely blank. I checked glassdoor, and there were two reviews that identified their recruiting service as fraudulent ( ( One of the reviewers wrote that they requested a payment of $450, after which they ceased communication. I called Kunal back on the phone number he used to call me (702)879-4132 to learn more about the "hiring process." He repeated over and over again that he would contact me after the marketing team determined if my skills were desirable in a slightly impatient and nervous tone. After I pressed him further, he said that after they make that determination, he calls me about the training process, resume review service, and preparation for interview. I asked if the training process requires any fee. He said no fee, but a $450 deposit is required to hold the interest of the client during training. I believe this to be a job scam, a fraudulent recruiting service. As a graduate desperately seeking employment, this was a major waste of time and it honestly got my hopes up. I hope swift action can be taken so that they no longer can prey on job seekers and those less keen on identifying a scam or fraudulent offer.

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