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Marcus – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 40213

Type of a scam Other

Subco is going through as third party and putting subscriptions for In style Magazines in my daughter who is a minors name and having the magazines delivered to my home .

Angel –

Victim Location 48346

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I started receiving unsolicited magazines in December, 2018. The first thing I did was check my financial accounts…and found no suspicious charges. I then called People magazine to find out who ordered this subscription and how to go about canceling it. I was told that a company called Subco placed the order, that this was a COMPLIMENTARY subscription and that I OWE NOTHING for this subscription. I was also told only Subco was allowed to cancel the subscription if I choose to cancel this FREE GIFT and given the phone number 800-258-3350 from the People magazine customer service agent.

I immediately contacted Subco and was told by customer service agent Edward, that Subco was processing this magazine order from another company called Millennium Marketing. Again, I was told this was COMPLIMENTARY and I OWE NOTHING. The Subco representative said that I can cancel the subscription and he would put me on the “do not promote” list if I would like…I asked, if I OWE NOTHING to Subco and this is a FREE gift, why would I cancel? I told him I would like to call Millennium Marketing and delve further into this with them.

Next, I called Millennium Marketing and spoke to customer service agent Erica. She assured me this was a two year COMPLEMENTARY subscription and that I OWE NOTHING to Millennium Marketing. She stated that this was a pre paid GIFT from an online merchant but could not identify who sent this to me.

I love freebies, but I will only take them if 1) I want them and 2) I know exactly why I am getting them. I do read People magazine and now I’ve been told by three different agents why I received this. I am a little uneasy with the fact that my personal information (name/address) was used without my consent however. Subco and Millennium Marketing should have never gotten my information to begin with. In the age of identity theft, one can never be too careful so I would like to document my experience and hope that this is not a scam.

Summer –

Victim Location 48091

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’m receiving magazine subscriptions from them that I never ordered. I have no idea how they were paid for and fear they’ve used my credit card fraudulently.

Craig –

Victim Location 66102

Type of a scam Other

A magazine subscription to ESPN Magazine that I did not order. Subsequently to date I have already received four issues . ESPN mag said SUBCO is the second party to whom has the subscription and I need to talk with them.

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