Style32 LLC

Timothy –

Victim Location 90278

Total money lost $200,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

He owns a cabinet shop, he does everything he is suppose to do; plan your kitchen or bathroom, do drawings and renderings, will meet with you numerous times to go over samples and product, will even show you his "shop". He will then Collect 50% deposit for work and when its time to install he will be late, and he will give excuses, and he will be more late and give more excuses and then he will finally say hes sorry , his company went BK. However, This is not true. He has used this excuse for more than 5 cases and he currently is in 2 civil cases but If we can get everyone together who has been frauded we can have a strong case against him to take away his right here or send him back to czech republic because he is not a citizen. He has no empathy for everyone he is taking advantage of and people dont even suspect him because he is a smooth talker and charming. I have been watching him get worse and worse. Im afraid he will continue to get away with this if his business does not get shut down because its his business that gives him the credibility to go into peoples homes and take advantage of them.

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