Student Loan Repayment Reviews - Student Loan Repayment Scam or Legit

Philip –

Victim Location 30528

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a phone call about student loans the phone number showed a New York number and immediately redirected to a call center in India. I was able to get the people calling to tell me they are indeed in India, but are supposedly working with American company and counterparts. I divulged no information to them and kept questioning which loans they worked with, which companies were they going to try and deal with, and that I would not give out any information. They insisted they were a third party looking to pay off or help lower payment options to repay the loans, but when pressed for information would only quote the options offered already to anyone that has them. I asked what made their repayment versions different and they went off into a tangent about how the others weren’t interested in your best options and they were and that the loan companies and department of education doesn’t have time for you, but they do. They kept wanting information about my loans and wanted to transfer me to their loan counselor, but not give any specifics on the service they offered. I hope this report will keep others from having to deal with this call as I don’t want anyone to fall victim to their ploy.

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