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Phone: +1 (304) 826-2831
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Victim Location 45440

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from an unknown caller, but I use a screening service through Google. They left a message saying the following: "Hello this is Jessica Martinez contacting (incorrect name). I’m calling on behalf of Strategic Accounting Services that the reporter from fraudulent activities taken place on your account. You will need to consult with the fraud division at 866-217-0580 when calling back, reference case number TX 26106. Thank you." I ignored it and then my dad called me saying that he had received a call about a debt that I had and that he was the co-defendant. I called the number that called me and it took me to a rep who confirmed my name, previous 3 addresses, the last 4 of my social, and stated that I had a debt that was moving towards litigation. I had nothing on my credit report regarding the debt. When I explained that I had not received any info, I was transferred to someone who said, "I don’t know why you were transferred, but we sent 6 letters of demand and will be proceeding with litigation." She then (without me confirming my identity) provided me my full name, address, FULL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and told me that they didn’t need to send me anything and that I will have to wait to be served by the state and learn about the debt under oath with my attorney present. That I better get a lawyer because it won’t be pretty–and that the charges would be "Theft of goods and services." She said that I wouldn’t confirm the validation of the debt, so there was nothing I could do to stop it. Okay, first of all… the debt that was mentioned, I’m pretty sure I paid off greater than 6 years ago, which is the statute of limitations on debt collection in OHIO. I know that if requested, the info must be sent from the collection company to the debtor. I know that a lender can sue for lost funds–but not charge someone with "Theft of goods and services." Also, my father was never on that debt. Not to mention–the message that was screened was not congruent with the information provided regarding the debt. I’ve never received info from the company.

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