stratasells inc.

Dane –

Victim Location 84066

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for an at home job and had submitted my resume to a job board with information regarding what I was looking for with employment. I was contacted back by Pasty Elliott with a link on how to apply for a job so i went ahead and applied. The application contain information about my address and previous employment but nothing I felt was too sensitive. I filled out the application and waited. I heard back from a Steven Gerrard about the job qualifications and responsibilities. A week after that initial contact he emailed me again asking if I was still interested in the job and so I reapplied thinking the application must not have gone through. I returned his email but have yet to hear back from him. The number on his email did call me but I missed it. When I called it back it said the number was busy so I left a message. I then investigated a little more about the company and found a scam report from someone else with a very similar story to what I had experienced. There is no place to see reviews from this company and has very limited information regarding how it started. It seems legit at the beginning but doesn’t seem to be. One really sketchy thing about this company is how they say they will pay you through with paypal or money gram both very commonly used by scammers.

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