Sting Courier Service Reviews - Sting Courier Service Scam or Legit

Colin – May 20, 2020

I dont like how they have no phone number and they are doing the same thing to me want 3400 for insurance to ship from Michigan to Florida

Johnathan – May 20, 2020

My brother John Michael Manning is going through a situation right now with this supposed company and has paid them thousands of dollars for a gold shipment from Accra Ghana, they keep contacting him for more money. My brother has bank to bank information from Arizona to Orlando Florida, is there anyone able to help him retrieve his money and make these people pay dearly for the scams that they have been doing?

Adrienne – Apr 30, 2020

Was there woman involed?

Nicholas –

Write me on my address i think i have some usefully information you might need ok [email protected]

Chase –

Victim Location 85225

Type of a scam Phishing

I was told that they arrested some minutes can me and the only thing she had was bars of gold so the government to clear these bars of gold be mined I have paid for shipping and documentation and everything and they just keep asking for more money

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